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Stuck in rut? 3 sweat-worthy new workouts

  • 2 min read

Stuck in rut? 3 sweat-worthy new workouts

A boring routine is a complete motivation killer. When was the last time you were clock watching because you were beside yourself with excitement about your date with a treadmill? Like … never?

We want to help you live a woohoo life, and if your workouts have lost their “Woohoo!”, well where’s the fun in that??

So if you’re stuck in rut and need some fitness inspiration or just want to mix things up a bit, here are 3 options that might just float your boat.

Wimp to Warrior

At first this looks like it might just be a guy thing, but woah, this one’s for you too girls. A chance for you to unleash your inner fighter - and provided that egos are left at the door this has GOT to be brilliant fun.

Nothing empties the tank and challenges you in ways you never thought possible than a 5 minute sparring or wrestling round.

Wimp to Warrior takes it to a new level. Based on MMA (but no experience needed!) this is a full on 6 month program which we have no doubt is life changing. Not only will you get super fit, but you’ll learn some new skills and really challenge yourself. At the end of the program you do step into the ring for the ultimate test.

Bounce Fitness

If you think bouncing around on trampolines is only for kids under 10 then think again. The rise of the trampoline park (we’ve got 2 within 2 minutes of the Happy Shed!) has brought with it …. drumroll…. trampoline fitness.

Yes! You bounce around and you will think you are 10 again with a big-ass grin on your face.

Why? Because not only are you working every muscle and burning a bucket of calories you will learn to do some epic flips.

There’s nothing like showing the youngsters how it is done :)

Check out trampoline parks likeFlip Out andBounce Inc.

Ninja Warrior

If you turned on the TV in July you’re probably already all over this one. Aussie TV ratings went bonkers for Australian Ninja Warrior (but we won’t mention the complete bummer of a grand finale result).

Well now you can have a crack yourself - without doing it in front of all of Australia that is.

Ninja Warrior style obstacle gyms are popping up everywhere and they’re giving us something that’s different, challenging and fun. Treadmill eat your heart out. Swing, jump, climb, balance, and lift your way around a gruelling course that will get those muscles burning, lungs gasping and grey matter thinking.

If you're lucky you may even get a cheer squad as you attempt to “beat the wall”! There are more and more of these popping up all the time, buthere’s a list of just a few :)

Have fun!!!!!!!