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Our happy skin travel tips

  • 3 min read

Our happy skin travel tips

As the warm air starts to move in and the ugg boots get pushed to the back of your cupboard you know you’re on the downhill - and nobody can run downhill in ugg boots.

For the parents out there Term 3 is done and dusted, and Chrissy holidays will be here in a flash. We’re already planning our getaway (no where exotic though!). But we’re beside ourselves nonetheless… 2 weeks of doing NOTHING…. YAY! :)

So if you’re on the move these school holidays or you’ve got a few more weeks to wait still, we’re giving you the go-ahead to get excited. And start thinking about all those trains, planes and automobiles you’ll be travelling on.

If you’re one of the lucky ones making us jealous and jetting off to distant paradises then we want you getting there feeling amazing [No hard feelings!].

It’s no fun starting a holiday not feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Long hours in a plane cabin and long drives can not only frazzle your nerves but your skin can get a case of the grumps as well. Especially if there are gremlins in the backseat.

Stress, air conditioning, lack of water, unrestful sleep, minimal movement and poor food all take their toll on your poor, unsuspecting skin.

Here are our simple travel hacks to help make sure you have happy travels and arrive ready for some well earned R&R.

Hydrate - This is the number one golden rule for all stages of travel pre, present and post. Start off hydrated and it is much easier to stay that way. Hydrate on the inside with some high quality H2O but also keep your skin hydrated with uplifting tonics and nourishing moisturisers. Our favourites are theRaindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic, Over The Moon Rich Repair Cream andLaugh Out Loud Active Jojoba Oil.

Pro Flight tip - Pack an empty water bottle so you are not relying on drinks cart to keep coming around.

Pack minis - You don’t want to fill up your suitcase with beauty products because that takes up valuable souvenir room. Families and friends left behind need their holiday fridge magnet.Super Sized sample packs andWoohoo minis are a great companion as they take up no room, last 2 weeks and can travel in your carry on. Winning :)

Don’t forget lip balm

Forget American Express. We can’t leave home withoutlip balm. Without a good lip balm I would be licking my lips more than a dog licking a peanut butter bowl. Chapped lips arenotwhat you want at the start of a holiday (or any time for that matter!).

Quick on-the-go cleansing

After travelling for a long time you get that “ick” feeling. Do you know the one? You feel a bit gross and dirty and it starts to weigh on you. There usually isn’t a long hot bath waiting at the next stop so having something that can get you through is a blessing.Micellar Water or Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic and few cotton pads can give you the boost you need and keep the buildup of grime upsetting your skin (and your zen levels).

It even works to freshen up under you arms so you feel a little more human.

So where are you heading for your next much-deserved getaway? Let us know in the comments right down below. We need to live vicariously through you ;)