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Fiji in a bottle (and our Dilo Oil obsession)

It was love at first sight. Or should we say love at first touch?

Ever since we first heard about the South Pacific's “First Aid Oil” we knew we had to have it.

We’ve lost count of how many happy peeps have been helped byDilo Oil’s mind boggling makeup of polyphenols, coumarins and calophyllic acid. It’s truly amazing stuff, and it’s 100% pure… courtesy of mother nature.

Why do we call it Dilo Oil?

Hang on a tic…for the skimmers… there’s only 1 “D” in DILO! ;) (and if you don't get it, carry on as you were). OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way…

You might have heard of Tamanu Oil? Well, Dilo Oil and Tamanu Oil are the same thing.

This magical oil actually goes by many names - Kamanu, Foraha, Daok, Pinnay and Beauty Leaf Oil (for good reason!).

But we call it Dilo (Dee-lo) because that is what the people of Fiji call it, and that is where we are lucky enough to get our Dilo oil from.

The Beauty Of Fijian Dilo Oil

In the Pacific Islands, when it comes to traditional remedies Dilo is used for just about everything and anything. Cuts, grazes, nappy rash, skin rashes, sting, bites, blisters, burns and sunburn are just a few things Dilo Oil is used to help with. What a bag of magic tricks.

It’s even known as nature’s first aid kit for your skin. And that’s not all.

Can you picture us up on the Happy soap box singing the therapeutic powers of this unique ingredient? Yep?

Well… wewouldbe up there but we might get in trouble with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). And golly gosh we don’t want to go getting ourselves into a legal pickle so let’s focus on how Dilo Oil can help in non-therapeutic ways. A quick Google will tell you all about the stuff we’re not allowed to ;)

What we can tell you is thatDilo Oil is nature’s perfect serum. There’s no need for complex formulas - this silky nut oil from pristine Fiji is a skin superhero.

Dilo has these incredible anti inflammatory coumarins and calophyllolide, along with a bucket full of antioxidants. What this means for your skin is that it’s deeply penetrative for optimal repairing, hydrating and regeneration.

This is why Pacific Islanders use for it for at home remedies and why it’s just incredible as an anti-ageing serum or facial oil. It helps control breakouts, fades scars, and suits all skin types (even oily!).

Sensitive skin? Redness? Rosacea? Skin that is just downright angry? So many have found the answer to their skin woes in this little bottle.

All Dilo and Tamanu oils boast these mind boggling powers, but the Dilo Oil from Fiji is the best. Really. Even the scientists agree.

Our supplier had it tested by an independent group and it came up trumps. It was rated as one of themost potent examples of Dilo/Tamanu Oil in the word. Pretty impressive, right? :)

Move Over Rosehip Oil!

Rosehip Oil is hands down the most popular oil we know of - and in our opinionDilo Oil matches it - and then ups the ante.

So it’s no big surprise to see that Dilo is being used more and more in skincare products. But as much as clever cosmetic formulators mix and blend with other ingredients, nothing beats using Dilo Oil au naturale. Just 100% pure oil.

Dilo Oil does have one polarising aspect - its aroma. The smell is definitely unique and distinct, and the smell changes a LOT depending where in the world your Dilo/Tamanu is from. It’s colour can also be quite different too.

Fijian Dilo Oil is a beautiful dark green and has the best aroma (and we’re not just saying that because we sell it). It smells like roasted hazelnuts and fresh curry leaves. We know it sounds a little odd but we Love it (capital L intended).

It’s hard not to capital-L-Love it when you’ve tried it yourself and seen the results.

Keen to know more? Discover Dilo Oil for yourselfhere :)