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10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life Today

We have been slack haven’t we? It’s the end of September and we are only just thinking about the annual Spring Clean.

Is your life filled with clutter like ours? It’s time to dust off the cobwebs (the real ones and the ones in your mind) and clear out the clutter. Simplicity is the key!

Here are 10 ways to Spring Clean your life starting today:

  1. Clear out your email inbox and keep it that way. Unsubscribe to emails your usually delete.
  2. Give everything you haven’t used for over six months to friends or charity
  3. Clean EVERYTHING! Yes, that includes the oven, the car, and your bathroom cupboard. Get rid of anything that is past its used by date or nearly empty.
  4. Dust off your attitude, and put on a fresh coat of positive. What are you grateful for today?
  5. Sit still and breathe for 10 minutes. Let your mind regain its strength. This may be tougher than you think.
  6. Say no to what you do not want in your life and yes to what you do want. e.g. say no to overtime at work and yes to playing with the kids.
  7. Drop or fix all negative relationships – and only create positive ones.
  8. Eat a balanced diet and sleep well – this boosts energy and reduces stress
  9. Use your answering machine and reduce wasted hours in front of the TV
  10. Write a short list of 5 or so priorities you do want this year and focus on them.

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