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Happy Skin is a Happy Liver

Happy Skin is a Happy Liver

Febfast, Dry July and Ocsober have now made one quarter of the year dedicated to giving up booze.

The big reason behind it all is raising money for worthy causes, but there could be some fringe benefits for taking part.

Like glowing skin.

Before you get too excited ... NO - donating to someone will not give you glowing skin. But ditching the alcohol might.

Pray tell, I hear you ask?

Well, before detox diets were even a thing there was a part of you already hard at work flushing out toxins and giving your body vital energy - your liver.

So when your liver can’t get rid of the toxins as fast as they are coming in: “Houston, we have a problem”. The excess toxins and waste don’t miraculously disappear (you wish!). Instead, they get stored or eliminated through another exit. Your skin. And that’s why your skin can the be first sign that your liver needs some help.

Alcohol, fatty foods and exposure to toxins are common culprits for excessive build up. When things start to back up it causes inflammation in your body which can trigger all sorts of health issues.

Bad liver = bad skin

Having bad skin doesn’t mean you have a bad liver but more often than not a bad liver will mean bad skin.

Here are some skin conditions that can be signs of your liver saying “help me!!!”

  • Itchy, dry and dull skin
  • Premature aging and age spots
  • Dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis
  • Acne and breakouts
  • Rashes and hives
  • Rosacea

Show your liver some love

It is very easy to give your liver some love so you don’t need to be Googling for a radical detox program. Here are some simple steps:

Cut back on the booze - If you feel like doing Ocsober, Febfast or Dry July then well done, otherwise you simply cut back. Only have a drink occasionally, like one or 2 drinks per week.

Eat more vegetables - We know it's stock standard good health advice. Plants are the keys to wellness.

Say no to deep fried (bad fats) and say yes to good fats - Helllllooooo avocado, coconut, olive oil, seeds and nuts. Anyone else getting hungry?

Drink more water - It hydrates, flushes and helps digestion. Room temp is better than cold.

Stress less - Balance your stress and emotions through a meditation or mindfulness practice. It reduces stress, which reduces cortisol, which reduces inflammation which makes your liver smile :)