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Great things done small - Why we make things in small batches

Great things done small - Why we make things in small batches

There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” when something is made by hand. Something inside us just feels a little tingly when something is artisan, craft, or boutique.

Whether it’s artisan bread, pottery, clothes, art, or even craft beer (Aaron’s weakness!), it feels pretty special.

Not only is it usually a superior product but you also know the people behind it love what they do. You can literally taste and feel it. As if you can connect with the maker through their creation.

We hope you feel the same way about your Woohoo Skincare treasures :)

Big is NOT always best

We make all of our Happy products in craft style small batches, and we do it for a few very important reasons.

We *could* get our products made by what is called a contract manufacturer in much larger batches (LOTS of brands do this) but we don’t. That’s the easy way to run a skincare business, but you lose something special along the way. And that’s not what Happy is about.

We don’t go to outside manufacturers to help us formulate and manufacture our products. We do it all here, at the Happy Shed. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Freshness - doing things small means the products are not sitting in a warehouse on shelves for months or years before being used. This not only applies to Happy products but all of the ingredients as well. Keeping everything ticking along without the need for excess ingredients keeps everything fresher.

Better Control and less waste - We’re not perfect and things can skew from the plan and making things in small batches limits problems that could be caused if something goes wrong. It’s also is easier to make things right again and prevents excessive waste. When things get big they are much harder to handle and a small mistake can cause a big loss.

More soul - There are some downsides to doing things small (like things being more expensive) but in the end it comes down to the “Je ne sais quoi”. We said it at the start there is something about a craft product that makes it better.

Contract manufacturers are very good and have state of the art facilities but we think that they forget to put the love in. We might be sounding like hippie control freaks but we think it makes a difference when something is made in a happy place by someone who loves doing it.