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Julie G named Face of the Week!

Julie was courageous enough to put her name forward and is a great example of keeping a positive frame of mind.

Julie is a proud mother of 4 grown up children who are now giving her the joy of being a Grandmother. Between us I think Julie is just a little excited about being a Grandmother for the first time which is fantastic!

12 months ago Julie was handed a set back when her job was made redundant. Unfortunately work in her rural community is hard to come by and she is yet to find another job.

Every day Julie gets up and makes a conscious effort to look her best to tackle the day’s challenge of finding work and that is a great testament to Julie’s inner strength. One of the hardest things to do is to keep going and stay positive when all you get back are “no’s”.

So whenever your confidence is taking a hit take a leaf out of Julie’s book and dress your best. The extra kick to your confidence might be all you need to achieve your goal what ever it may be.

Julie’s resilience and positive attitude has already helped me tackle a task I was procrastinating over because it confronted one of my fears.

Thanks Julie for sharing your story I’m sure others will take away a little life lesson just as I have.

We are still looking out for more inspirational stories so if you have anything at all, we want to hear from you. Email us at contact@happyskincare.com.au

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