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The Face of Woohoo Skincare REVEALED!!

It is our pleasure to announce Bronwyn P, as our first ever ‘Face of the Week’!

Bronwyn’s story is of an everyday Mum doing everyday things extraordinarily. Bronwyn is a mother of two beautiful children and she is being an exceptional Mum to them both.

Bronwyn and her family suffered a tragedy 18 months ago with Bronwyn unexpectedly losing a husband and her children losing a father.

Bronwyn’s resilience and outlook on life is truly inspiring. Here is a small piece from the letter Bronwyn sent us.

“My children went to sleep with a daddy and woke up without one. Since then, I have had to negotiate life and the grief journey with my two children very firmly at the centre. When you are all they have, there is no option for collapse and retreat into self-pity.”

Through this sad part of Bronwyn’s life she has displayed an inner strength that blows me away! Bronwyn has made a tough decision and decided to leave work so she can be there for her children help them come to terms with the loss of their Dad.

Even though Bronwyn is focused on her children she also needed to find an outlet for her own grief. Bronwyn described how she has found a very positive way of moving ahead with life:

“I am finding healing through creativity; I write, paint and make jewellery. I feel that although the circumstances are tough, I am not being swamped by them, and I’m learning that I am much stronger than I ever thought I could be. I would never have chosen this path for myself, but am determined that good will come out of it, that we will not just survive, but in the end thrive, and that I will learn and grow from this experience.”

This photo is one of Bronwyn’s creations which represents her recent story.

Bronwyn P Artwork

Thankyou to Bronwyn for sharing her very personal story. The way she is dealing with one of life’s curve balls is testament to her strength of spirit.

If you have an everyday inspirational story and want to be the face of Woohoo Skincare for a week then email us at contact@happyskincare.com.au. It can be anything at all, so be proud and let us know!