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Bula From Fiji (introducing Dilo Oil)

The picturesque white sand, turquoise water, and laid-back “island time” will forever be our happy place in our daydreams.

But as much as we wish we were writing this from a holiday in Fiji, we aren’t. Instead we now have a little bit of Fiji as part of the Woohoo Skincare family (which is almost as good!).

Tamanu Oil is one of our favourite oils of all time. We have never seen an oil straight from a nut help as many people as Tamanu Oil does. Its reputation as the South Pacific’s “First Aid Oil” comes from its complex polyphenols, coumarins and calophyllic acid.

Yes, there’s some complex chemistry at work there…. And the complex chemistry of Tamanu Oil is still being discovered. But so far we have found that its first aid properties can result in repairing skin tissue.

This means this incredible oil has infinite therapeutic possibilities. Alas – we’re not allowed to sing its therapeutic praises as more studies need to be done and we’d get in trouble.

What we DO know is that Tamanu Oil will help you say “Bula” (hello in Fiji) to strong, clear and trouble free skin! Personally we haven’t come across any other oil that helps problem skin like Tamanu Oil does. It’s so good for your skin because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and it has the ability to help form new skin tissue.

One exciting study conducted by BioScience Labs showed Tamanu oil can reduce the size of scars and fade their appearance. It doesn’t get rid of them and it doesn’t happen overnight. In the study scars decreased in size and texture had improved after 9 weeks.

The Tale of how Happy Found Dilo Oil

The only thing holding back Tamanu Oil from world domination is its polarising aroma. We’ve heard lots of descriptions but the best is that it had an aroma similar to curry leaves. Some people love it, some people don’t.

And one of things that has really surprised us over the last 5 years that we’ve been working with Tamanu Oil is how the aroma would change depending on where the Tamanu Oil came from.

Just like wine is different from different regions, Tamanu Oil is too. Tamanu Oil can be found throughout South East Asia and the South Pacific. We found that Tamanu Oil from the South Pacific had a better aroma but it was EXTREMELY hard to get.

The hunt was on. Aaron was trying to find suppliers from the South Pacific but nothing was coming up. (Warning – this may sound a little woo woo hocus pocus). That was until out of the blue we received a phone call from one of our fabulous customers here in Newcastle.

This lovely lady – her name is Sophie – had the answer to our conundrum. The woo woo hocus pocus part was that she didn’t know that we were looking for south pacific Tamanu Oil. Sophie just called to tell us about an oil she knows about in Fiji called Dilo Oil.

As it turns out Dilo Oil and Tamanu are the same thing. Dilo Oil is what they call Tamanu Oil in Fiji. The major difference though is that Dilo Oil smells so much better. It still has that hint of curry but there is a sweet element to it which makes all the difference. Phoebe insists that it’s the smell of roasted hazelnuts. Mmmmm…..

We felt like we had found the Tamanu Oil we had dreamed of. The best part is Sophie knew how to get us some and it has arrived!

So without further ado.... Dilo Oil is now available here.

Hooray :)