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Looks can be deceiving – a peek behind the scenes at Woohoo Skincare

You may or may not know that Woohoo Skincare is essentially a team of two (i.e. Aaron and Phoebe / fearless husband and wife duo!). Our family life and business life is rolled up into one big ball of happy chaos.

Aaron’s desk is a perfect reflection of this – he dubs it “deconstructed organisation”. Phoebe thinks he’s just watched too much Masterchef.

There has been many a time when we have been on the phone and the person on the other end can hear the sweet tones of a 4 year old playing the recorder while being accompanied by a 1 year old on his drum kit (aka pots and pans).

The days can be long – with 5am starts and 11pm finishes – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t mind it because it never feels like work. There is no work/life balance it’s just life, and a good one. That is because of you and your support for Woohoo Skincare. Thank you!

It’s not all beer and skittles. There are highs and lows like everything. But knowing that we’re helping you, and how much you appreciate it is what keeps us powering on.

Lately we’ve started to notice that people see us as a bigger company than what we really are. That’s really cool and we see it as great compliment.

Here are some of the requests that we have received in the last week or two

  • Would we like to do shoot a segment for a Singapore TV show on how natural products are manufactured?
  • Would we like to provide 5,000 full sized deodorants for a promotion?
  • Do we do tours of our facility? It would be a pretty quick tour as we’re not quite at the huge industrial factory stage yet

We do have a warehouse that takes care of packing your orders (thankfully!), but up till now everything else has been done by the 2 of us. So the only thing getting in the way of Woohoo Skincare’s global domination is that pesky little problem of only having 24hrs in a day

Crazy times.

So recently we decided that we needed to get some help from some very talented people.

Our graphic design has stepped up a gear since we started working with Shona from Ethicre Design. You will get to see some of Shona’s flair and creativity in the not too distant future.

Apart from taking happy snaps at parties we don’t see ourselves as master photographers. Phoebe taught herself some photography and done a standout job. She has done all of our photography in the past but we’ve been lucky enough to meet Renee Bell.

Renee did some photos of our products for her blog and we absolutely loved them. We’ll be getting Renee to help us more in the future with her awesome photography skills. She is also from Newcastle which adds the cherry on top.

Our little business has been growing growing growing steadily every month, with this month being our biggest ever, and it’s not even quite finished yet. It makes us so freaking happy that you love what we are creating. We’d be nothing without you. Thank you again!