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How to be a conscious man

How to be a conscious man

Back in the ol’ days, men were often pressured to aspire to a certain male archetype. The wage earning, strong, stoic hunter/gatherer kind of lad. Always in control, always succeeding, always reaching for more, never truly able to express his emotions or be vulnerable.

You know the one *looking at you, Don Draper*.

Nowadays, when it comes to matters of masculinity, things have completely changed.

Many men are becoming aware of a growing hunger within; a fire that burns with the desire for transparency, truth, authentic power, purpose and deeper meaning.

And thus, it’s the time for the Conscious Man to rise, for the future of our children. For the future of our planet.

Here are some steps along a never-ending path of evolution and discovery you can take to cultivate healthy masculinity and step fully into your conscious power.

Live with integrity.

Always be honest with yourself in your actions and beliefs. This is what the world needs right now amidst so much political calamity and environmental mayhem. As you dig deeper and learn to speak your truth with self-awareness, you’ll inspire others to do the same.Support of small local businesses and charitable causes are all forms of living with integrity. Think of this as a way to be involved in the larger community of life.

Have a voice.

We have been put on this earth to protect each other and it is not okay to sit quietly on the sidelines if and when we witness injustice or abuse. Whether you care about sustainability, giving back to the community, ecological and social issues, ethical practices, or supporting a friend in need – speak up where you can and help make the world a better place for future generations to come by being a warrior for peace.

Preserve the planet.

Preservation of our great planet is becoming an increasingly hot topic, and it’s really refreshing to see so many people caring deeply about the planet and all of its inhabitants. If you want to help preserve the Mother of all Life, start small by reducing your environmental footprint. Opt for products housed in recyclable packaging, look into composting food scraps, carpool and take public transport where possible. Not only will you be giving back to future generations, but having a positive impact on the world around you which is what we were put on this earth to do.

Don't take life too seriously.

Consciousness doesn’t have to be serious business. Cultivating a sense of humour and laughing daily helps take care of your mental health, connecting you more with others and equipping you with a cheerful outlook on life. Remember, we’re all in this together. We’re not here to compete. Learning how to transform your anger and rage into compassionate action, joy and fun helps heal the wounds of the past.

Be present.

Every day, breathe deeply into your belly for 5 or 10 minutes. Oxygenating your body reduces stress, increases energy and calms the mind and few things are more physiologically impactful. It’s your best weapon against the stresses of life and opens you up to enhanced creativity and optimism rather than fear and frustration.

Move with intention.

Whether it is a yoga practice or a gym workout, move your body in creative ways that get you out of your mind and into the totality of your experience. When you move every joint of your body, your blood gets pumping, and your awareness spreads throughout your entire body which profoundly impacts your masculinity and state of being in a positive way.

Connect with other men.

Getting together with a few blokes with the intention of supporting and challenging one another, in healthy ways, feeds masculinity in a way that other areas of life don’t. You might want to find a men’s circle and simply listen to other men who are speaking their truth or form a few male relationships that are centered on being allies and support for one another. Having accountability and deeper connection with men on a similar journey is a surefire way to feel supported and fuel you forward on your conscious path.

Show up for your relationships more fully.

Ah, love. The secret to life. Listen deeply to loved ones and communicate clearly and honestly – take the time to be fully present with them. Share quality time without an agenda. Appreciate and value them in ways that open their heart to you. Be generous with your love and kindness. Not only will life feel more enriching, but you’ll start to feel your connection cup overflow in no time.

Travel alone.

Go on a solo trip or spiritual retreat once a year (or more if time permits). Do something that focuses on your inner and outer well-being as a way to maintain healthy masculinity and balance. Switch off from outer stimulus and go inwards on the most important adventure of all, which will deepen your life experience.

Be yourself.

Above all; be yourself. Don't be who or what you might think the world wants. It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to be afraid. As long as you remain authentic. The truth is that a conscious man owns his flaws as much as he owns his best qualities. Forget whatever doubts life may have taught you to believe and remember that you are perfect as you are and on a journey where you will be a work in progress, constantly evolving, learning and doing the inner work necessary to shape the world into a better place. Isn’t that the most important thing, after all?