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What is slow beauty?

What is slow beauty?

Given most of us are in a perpetual state of distraction thanks to social media and our smartphones (and funny memes… and MAFS...!), it’s no wonder the Slow Food and Slow Living Movement exist. Now without further ado we’d like you to meet our most trusted friend of all… the Slow Beauty movement.

Though ‘Slow Beauty’ may sound like the name of a retired racing horse, it’s actually a flourishing lifestyle trend that’s all about adopting a natural and holistic approach to taking good care of yourself.

It involves not giving in tothe mainstream beauty industry’s quick-fixes, invasive options and immediate results; but rather, it’s about reshaping your ideals and ideas around beauty.

It champions a long-awaited and much needed reconnection to self; an antidote to the fast-paced world of the beauty industry.

Here’s a few simple ways you can jump on the Slow Beauty train and glow, baby, glow!

DAILY SELF CAREis all about carving a few small moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care and wellness that makes you glow. When practiced over time, these little moments add up to big results - you feel healthier, joyful and more radiant too. Journaling, a cup of tea, a mindful skincare routine... these daily rituals all matter.

SIMPLE SKINCAREYou don’t need a full arsenal of lotions and potions; less is more. Use natural, good-for-you products (like Happy!) and integrate these as a non-negotiable part of your day to anoint your skin with beauty vitamins and plant-based nutrients so you can get glowing from the inside out. Slow Beauty is all about working harmoniously with your skin to produce more natural, softer results.

SLOW AGEINGSo many marketing ads for international beauty houses portray ageing as something to fear and be ashamed of. But Slow Beauty invites you to stop feeling dissatisfied with the natural ageing process and simply be the best version of yourself - graceful, kind, thoughtful, generous. Ageing is an entirely natural - and unavoidable - process. It’s how we do it that counts. Nourishing and caring for your skin is surely better than subjecting it to a host of toxins, needles and painful surgeries in the name of smoothing out every wrinkle.

THREE PILLARS OF HEALTHThe food you eat, the way you move your body and how much sleep you get are all intertwined. These also affect the way your skin looks. A healthy body inside equals glowing skin on the outside. So where possible eat fresh, seasonal produce, exercise, and get your shut-eye!

SWITCH OFFSlow Beauty is here to encourage you to switch off, to slow down, to stop and be present, and to enjoy every juicy second of it. We can do this through mindfulness. In a nutshell mindfulness is just taking the time for the things that matter most. When it comes to beauty, it simply means understanding the old adage that real beauty comes from within – and so health and emotional wellbeing are key to looking your best.

BE YOURSELFIn an age when women (and men) are bombarded - through TV, magazines, music videos and advertising - with standardised images of the “perfection” they can never hope to attain, Slow Beauty is about setting you free to be yourself. Let’s celebrate individuality, embrace our differences and refuse to be clones.

The world is not slowing down any time soon, and it’s up to you to set boundaries and embrace Slow Beauty. It’sall about carving a few small moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care, wellness and self-acceptance that makes you glow.

When practised over time, these little moments add up to big results - not only in feeling healthier and more joyful, but in achieving true beauty and timeless ageing.

What does slow beauty mean to you?