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Are you a conscious consumer?

  • 3 min read

Once upon a time we shopped out of necessity. If you needed something, you bought it. But these days things have changed and our purchases are often driven by “wants” instead of “needs”.

And this got us pondering… how many of us are considering what impact our buying behaviours are having on the world?

Will the chemicals in our haircare products end up in our waterways? What about all the plastic packaging we discard? And did we *really* need to purchase that second pair of shoes?

If you’re a bit of an environmental nut like us, Earth Day (or any day really!!) is prime time to have a little check-in with your shopping habits. If we all start to make more ethical choices when it comes to conscious consumption, just imagine how better off Mama Earth will be!!

We know… we know… sometimes the lure of a shop window (both virtual and in real life) can be too tempting. But here are a few things to think about before punching in your PIN.

1. Buy Less

The very best way to be kinder to the planet is to consume less, but we all know that’s easier said than done. So, here’s the solution: buy in bulk. This means less packaging, less use of packaging resources and less waste.

Another great way to buy less is to invest in quality, not quantity. Purchase items made to last so you won’t have to continually replace them. Going for durability is not only essential for creating a more sustainable future, it will also save you from buying something on a whim you’ll rarely use. And remember - just because something is more expensive it doesn’t always mean that it will last longer or is better quality either – be savvy about what you’re paying for.

2. Love labels

Recognising how to read labels and what to look for is an essential part of becoming a conscious consumer. Look for ‘Australian-made’ and ‘locally sourced’. Why? Because buying locally sourced ingredients or homegrown products means less travel and less impact on the environment.

The label is also where you’ll find out whether or not the product has been tested on animals (look for the bunny logo to make sure you choose cruelty free) and whether it’s eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable.

3. Consider the packaging

No, this doesn’t mean looking for the product that comes in the coolest box. Clue up on which packaging has the lowest environmental effect (Hint: it isn’t single use plastic!).

Look for eco-friendly and recyclable materials, such as glass, bamboo, paper and cardboard right down to packing materials. For example, we use little white blobs to package your Woohoo loot during shipment. These are made of corn starch and they're 100% biodegradable and compostable. You can even store them and re-use them next time you need to send a parcel. Clever, hey?

4. Do your research

Thanks to good ol’ Google it’s not so hard to find the story behind the brands you’re popping in your basket. Find out where companies source their materials and how and where the products are made. Check out if the brands you’re buying support any good causes or charities and what their philosophy is.

The more research and reading you do, the better informed you’ll be to make positive purchases and support ethical brands. And always see if you can buy a more conscious version of a similar item that may not tick all of the ethical boxes.

5. Recycle

No matter what kind of packaging you use - even if it is plastic free (like glass bottles) - you need to make sure it’s being recycled properly. If it’s not, then it just means more landfill and more strain on the environment. And that’s the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve! Before you throw out an empty bottle or dispose of packaging, have a think about how you might recycle or reuse it. Or better yet, send it back to companies that can recycle it responsibly for you (like us!).

Our Recycling Program means that you can send your plastic beauty product packaging, tubes, bottles, pumps and sprayer empties to us, and we’ll recycle them through TerraCycle. Extra perk: You’ll score reward points too which you can trade in for freebies and discounts :)

6. High-five yourself for small changes

Making the decision to become a more conscious consumer isn’t easy - but it’s super smart. It may not happen overnight, but in time, with small changes here and there, you can completely change the way you shop for the better. And isn’t that awesome?!