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8 essential things to ask yourself before buying any beauty product

mothers_day_gift_packMany people we speak with ask “how on earth am I going to remember what to look out for when I go shopping so I can tell which products are the good ones?” It’s a very good question because who can remember 42 ingredients with names like Diazolidinyl Urea?

So instead of giving a long list of no-no’s we have come up with 8 simple questions you can ask yourself so you can easily find the diamonds amongst all the rocks.
snail slime

1. Can they back up these crazy claims?

Science and nature can do some amazing stuff but the quest to find the latest secret ingredient is getting ridiculous. Apple stem cells, snake venom and snail slime are current examples. If you run apple stem cells through your B.S. detector you will question how they do they survive in a jar of cream? (they can’t.)

2. What is that intoxicating aroma?

That smell is not real rosesJust because it smells like a roses doesn’t mean it is roses. Fragrance or parfum is the biggest mystery ingredient of them all. It can contain hundreds of synthetic and toxic ingredients and you have no clue what they are. That is why it is usually blamed for skin irritations. Look for products using essential oils or natural fragrances. Be mindful that essential oils are powerful and can cause skin reactions as well.

3. How is it packaged?

expensive_skincare_packaging_sIt is more than just glass vs plastic which I have discussed before. Choose dark packaging over frosted or clear because it protects the products from sunlight. Airless containers offer greater protection against oxidation but the packaging can be pricey and is usually plastic. Does the packaging look super sexy? You might be paying more for the packaging than what is inside.

4. How is it preserved?

The awareness of the health concerns surrounding preservatives like parabens is increasing but they are still widely used. On the flip side preserve-free does not necessarily mean it’s better. Unpreserved water based cosmetics can be more dangerous than preserved ones because bacteria and fungus can cause major health problems. If you want natural look on the label for rosemary extract, citric acid, grapeseed extract, natural vitamin e or hops extract. Or stick with pure oils that usually don’t need preservatives.

5. Are they really and truly natural?

sad_oil_can_smallJust because the name sounds natural doesn’t mean they are. The true test is the label. If you see things like dimethicone, cyclomethicone, paraben, mineral oil, PEG or propylene glycol then ‘natural’ is just a gimmick. Look for the product to be certified organic or when looking at a smaller/boutique brands check to see if the majority of the ingredients are certified organic. Like us they may use certified organic ingredients but haven’t gone through the process of certifying the product due to the cost.

6. Where are they made?

Australian BoomerangAustralia has wonderful ingredients which are exotic to the rest of the world are probably better than Swiss Apples or French Melons. Australia also has very high manufacturing standards and excellent testing facilities so you know you are getting quality. Australian beauty products are world class.

7. Do they test on animals?

If a brand cares about this topic then they will display very clearly that they do not test on animals. If it is not clearly stated on the packaging then be suspicious. Animals Australia has a list of companies that do test on animals here and some may surprise you e.g Aveeno and Kiehls (click below for a bigger image).

companies who test on animals

8. What if I don’t like it?

thumbs upIs the product backed by an unconditional money back guarantee? If not you might get the prodcut home and decide it doesn’t work for you, leaving you out of pocket with an expensive skincare product peeking out at you each time you open your bathroom cupboard, reminding you of your wasted money. Not many companies are brave enough to stand behind their products and offer a 30 day guarantee.

We hope this has given you some food for thought

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