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3 Common Ingredients You May Want to Avoid Putting on Your Skin!

3 Common Ingredients You May Want to Avoid Putting on Your Skin!

If you are like me then the ingredients list on the back of a cosmetic is like reading a foreign language. It’s so hard to know which ingredients are safe, and which ingredients you should avoid.

Something that we often neglect to think about is that the ingredients that AREN’T in a product can be just as important as the ingredients that ARE in it.

The following is a quick guide about 3 common ingredients and their pitfalls so you can make informed decisions on what you use on your skin.


This comes in the form of Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl and Propyl. It is used as a preservative and due to its low cost it is widely used. There are conflicting reports on the dangers of this ingredient. It does have links with breast cancer since it has the ability to mimic estrogen. However so far there is no conclusive evidence. While the jury is still out Woohoo Skincare has chosen to use alternative preservatives to minimise any risk to our customers.


This is can be found as an antibacterial agent in acne creams, soaps, detergents, toothpaste, mouth wash and deodorants. It kills all the bad bacteria but also all the good bacteria as well. It has the potential to disrupt the normal function of the endocrine system and thyroid effecting hormones levels. It accumulates in the body by being stored in body fat. It has the ability to react with chlorine from drinking water and form into dioxins which is known as a probable cause of cancer.

Due to its dangers is has been discontinued by China in the manufacture of toothpaste. Woohoo Skincare products do not contain triclosan.

Sulphates – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)

This is the foaming agent commonly used in shampoos, soaps, and bubble baths. It is from the sulphuric acid family and developed as an oil stripping agent. It strips the natural oil from your skin as it does the engine grease from your car. This can cause skin irritation through dryness, flaking and roughness.

It is absorbed through the skin and stores in the body, building up in the heart, liver and brain. It can mimic estrogen hormone activity which links it to cancer and other health issues. Woohoo Skincare products do not contain sulphates.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is not to be confused with the above Sulphates. MSM is a natural mineral form of sulphur which is essential to the human body. Sulphur is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body. Sulphur is essential to allow the body to produce collagen and keratin which is necessary for healthy skin. Woohoo Skincare’s Perfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant Cream and Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream were both formulated around the benefits of MSM. Go Sulphur! :)

I’ll be telling you about a 5 more ingredients next time.