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5 ways to embrace fitness (if you hate exercise)

  • 3 min read

We get it, some days you’re absolutely swamped with work, family time or too ‘busy’ having a Game of Thrones marathon, all of which are totally legitimate excuses to skip the gym.

But, if you fall under the category of loathing workout time and the prospect gives you a migraine, don’t fret!

You can totally turn it around and become the next gym bunny in town (or close to it).

1. Fitness with friends

Everything's better when you see more sweat between your friend’s brows than your own! Relinquishing in the pain as you do one more rep. Laughing at how beet red their face has gone. Exercising doesn’t have to be monotonous and lack lustre, it can be exciting and something you can even look forward to.

Go to the gym with a friend, or if you don’t have an hour to spare find a work mate to take a 5-minute walk around the block with. Gossip and stride, knocking down two birds with one stone… we like the sound of that! (But don’t really knock down birds!)

2. Gym Classes

OK fess up… do you have a gym membership that you never use? Ha! Well times to have another crack at this gym bizzo. Take your butt down to the gym and slide into a yoga, cycling, barre or boxing class to make it worth it!

Sure, it can feel like the first day of school. Anxiety creeping in as you look around the class of people who look like they know what they’re doing. But guess what? Nobody is actually watching you and maybe you can even make a friend or two. Gym classes can be really fun if you find an activity that you enjoy doing, and have friends to help you through the work out while you bop along to some tunes. Even if it is one class a week, it’s better than nothing right?

3. Glory Days

Remember your old tennis racket sitting stowed away somewhere in the garage? It’s probably still there from the days you used to be a mini tennis pro. Why not take it up again?

Sure, you might not have the accuracy or the stamina to keep up with your old self. But an old dog can still learn new tricks! Sign up for a few lessons, or just take your old equipment down to the courts and have a hit or two. Maybe you can remember why you loved it so much, and your passion will be re-ignited.

4. New Kicks

There’s nothing like new trainers to get inspired. It must be that whole “I’m walking on clouds” feeling. New gym gear and Instagram motivational OOTD’s may just be enough to get you out in the fresh air and stretch those legs. Let me hear you preach: “new gear, new you!”. Then you can hit your local cafe afterwards :)

5. Take 5

There are a million reasons to not work out, and there are a million on why you should! First, it gives you a rush of endorphins and helps clear your mind and de-stress better than an hour cat nap. Taking 5 minutes, or a lunch break to just begin to move your body is better than nothing at all.

Interval training in short spurts, is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and get your heart racing. But, start out small and slow, this will help you to maintain a routine and if you have a time to beat, you may have more motivation to work out than you had before. Forget the excuse you’re too busy, just get out and move your body for 5 minutes! You can do this.

Before we go, we just want to leave you with this…. EMBRACE THE SWEAT! Our natural deodorant paste works! (gasp) Whether you’re feeling Mellow (hello yoga), Wild (bring it on outdoor hikes!) or Urban (yasssss to 6pm cycle class), simply take a pea sized amount of our paste and rubbing it under your pits will have you loving a sweat sesh more than ever.

Now… go forth and conquer the world with your new found love of your own body and health! We’ll be waiting on the sidelines cheering you on ;)

Which Woohoo are you taking on your next workout?