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10 awesome benefits of turmeric

10 awesome benefits of turmeric

So it's Saturday afternoon, I'm sitting at the Happy Shed all on my own. It's farrreeeezing. Aaron is at home with the boys and I'm rugged up, typing as quickly as I can so my fingers don't freeze.

But then inspiration strikes... I need some of my elixir... No, not a bottle of rum. I need my turmeric latte. And chocolate. Don't forget chocolate. Super chocolate, in fact.

Turmeric lattes (i.e. similar to a coffee but swap coffee for the aromatic yellow spice turmeric) and chocolate are a match made in heaven. And right now they feel so naughty. But the best part of all this? They're not!

I'm a long-time turmeric latte lover, so this list comes from the heart.

10 ways turmeric will make you healthier

Our good friend turmeric will....

  1. Get that digestive system going. According to Ayurvedic practices, starting the day with a warm turmeric beverage will ignite your digestive fire.
  2. Keep your liver healthy (but this isn't a free ticket to drink more booze!).
  3. Fight oxidative stress. Turmeric is a super strong antioxidant, and with all of today's processed food, pollution and stress, a little help combating free radicals is welcome.
  4. Prevent painful gallbladder problems like gallstones.
  5. Help relieve uncomfortable period pains (hurrah!).
  6. Supercharge your immune system. The curcumin in turmeric will help get you through flu season.
  7. Reduce inflammation. Curcumin to the rescue again - inflammation is your body's response to something going wrong, and this clever anti-inflammatory will help keep it under control. Think arthritis, joint pain, muscle sprains...
  8. Maybe even help the fight against life-threatening diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.
  9. Help you ditch your caffeine addiction. Don't rely on the highs of coffee and sugar to function (because what goes up must come down!).
  10. (My favourite turmeric benefit)Help your journey towards clear skin! It can be applied topically to help with scarring, pigmentation and breakouts. But consuming it helps your skin from the inside too.

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