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There’s Nothing Like Setting Yourself a Big Challenge!

The human mind loves to be pushed to it’s limits. It loves to work extremely hard to resolve an issue. The human mind thrives under pressure.

Michelle challenged herself big time.

Michelle is a busy mum to three daughters ranging in age from 6 years to 15 months. She’s 32 years old and up until recently, was petrified of driving. But for her birthday, Michelle’s family got her some vouchers for driving lessons, and she finally took the plunge and went for a lesson!

Michelle kept all of this a secret from her facebook friends and family and when she finally got her lisence the other day, she was able to make a big announcement to them all! You can imagine how incredibly proud Michelle must have felt of her achievement, and her hubby was so proud that he got her a new car.

Here are some inspirational words from Michelle:

“I am proud of my achievement and hope to be a good role model for my children, and to others; not to let your fears stop you from living your dream.

I am so happy and it’s a great feeling knowing that instead of sitting at home again these school holidays, I’ll be able to take the girls wherever they’d like to go!”

Michelle’s inspiration to challenge herself and push outside her comfort zone came from wanting to take her children on wonderful journeys. What is it that inspires you to challenge yourself?

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