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10 kind ways to help your community

Here at Woohoo Skincare, we wondered what we might be able to do to help make your day a little brighter. As skincare makers we aren’t really in a position to change the world in one fell swoop. And to be honest, we’re pretty bewildered about the state of the world right now too!

After all that wondering we arrived at the decision that right now the best thing we can do as a company is to share some love around. As human beings, we crave contact with other humans and right now that’s something a lot of us are having to do without. So today we’re writing this blog post to reach out and give you a big virtual hug and spread some love.

As we and the world navigate our way through this unexpected health crisis, it’s fair to say that everyone's life has been turned upside down thanks to the dreaded C-word. Healthcare professionals and essential workers are risking their lives on the frontlines each day, whether that be in a hospital or at the supermarket, while some people are losing their beloved businesses for good.

Yep, it’s fair dinkum rough out there. But don’t lose hope just yet!

Aside from indulging in the good stuff while we ride out this pandemic – endless novels, cuddles from kittens (or maybe even the kids!), a fun little project – you can also add some feel good vibes into your newly quarantined life by sprinkling a little extra dose of kindness and consideration into the community. Ahead, we’ve listed a bunch of great initiatives to help get you started.


First things first: It’s up to us to do everything we can to slow the virus — washing hands and staying home. You’ve heard it all before but staying home can really help save lives.


Now is a great time to show our wonderful small, local businesses some love.

So many shops and fitness studios have had to close their doors and some have taken their offerings online, so support them where you can in the virtual space (Phoebe did her yoga class online this week, and believe it or not it was surprisingly normal!!)

We’re a small business too, of course! Even though we’ve had to close our physical shop, the internet never sleeps… So we’re open 24/7 online and we’re offering fast delivery Australia wide (and Australia Post are doing a cracking job at getting your orders delivered on time and safely). We’ll continue to donate to our chosen charities with every purchase, to ensure we can give back where possible.

We have a favour to ask: If you love what we're doing and wouldn't mind spreading the word, we would be incredibly grateful if you left us a review on Google. On a desktop look for the 'Write a Review' section on the right hand side - you need to scroll down a little bit. On a mobile look for the 'Reviews' tab. This would help us out enormously. THANK YOU! xx


Although some of your favourite food spots have shut their doors, many of them still offer takeout or delivery. Not only does that keep the business going, it also provides income for delivery drivers. Services like Deliveroo and UberEATS have sent information to customers and drivers to help ensure safety-and in some cases, contactless-deliveries.


The Australian Red Cross says it needs 14,000 donors before Easter to avoid a blood shortage, as they are receiving stacks of cancellations per day due to people staying home :( Blood donor centres are open and blood is needed for transfusions, cancer patients, car accidents and to replace blood lost during birth. Check your eligibility in this online tool and learn more at Red Cross here.


When you do your next grocery run, be sure to say thanks to the employees who are hard at work stocking shelves. Many of them are working overtime to keep their store clean and full of supplies, so a little gratitude and goodwill might put a spring in their step.


Our biggest social responsibility is to stay home, but there are vital services that still need our help. Charities are struggling big time to deal with increased demand during the coronavirus crisis, especially with the pool of volunteers drying up due to stay-at-home measures. If you aren’t under any major financial pressure, we recommend identifying a charity either because it’s been impacted by the crisis, or a charity that has had increased demand, and donate money – ONLY if you can. You might also pledge to volunteer when things go back to normal, and if you have spare clothes or food lying around, donating to a food bank or local charity might make a world of difference for those in need.


A really lovely statistic from the World Giving Index reported that 64% of Australians said they’d help a stranger – and we’re seeing more and more people reaching out beyond their homes to help others! How’s that for a warm, fuzzy feeling?! If you know someone is struggling in some way at the moment, reach out and be a voice of comfort. That could also mean being a voice of comfort for your local small business or struggling entrepreneur. Shout them out on social media, leave a positive review on their page, recommend their store to a friend, or even just send them a lovely message of encouragement to keep going. Kindness and compassion means everything right now.


Reach out to a neighbour (while keeping your distance) that may not have the means to get out each day or might be feeling down in the dumps. Offer to walk their dog or purchase groceries on their behalf or even just have a chat over the fence. Being available for someone who’s lonely or in need can make a huge difference during this isolating time. You could also leave some flowers and an encouraging note on their doorstep to lift their supports and let them know they’re not alone.


Puppies! Dogs! Kittens! Cats! Guinea Pigs! Oh my! Since you may be spending a lot more time in the cosy confines of your house, why not provide a temporary home to a furry friend? You can find out more information on adopting an animal temporarily at Pet Rescue Foster Care.


We know that’s a really hard thing to do right now but bringing positive vibes into the world can have a lovely little domino effect and potentially brighten up someone’s day. Remember, we’re all in this together. Try to see the silver lining, laugh whenever, stay connected, remain inspired, smile where possible and reach out if you ever need to whether it be for a chat or a virtual hug. We’re right here supporting you every step of the way :)


Do you know someone who is going through a tough time? We want to lift the spirits of 5 people who are struggling right now by sending them a swag of Woohoo Skincare products. If you know someone who could do with a pick-me-up, please click here to nominate your friend or loved one by Thursday 9 April 2020. We'll choose 5 people at random to receive a pack of products to help bring a little happiness to them during this tough time x

Keep smiling :)

Phoebe & Aaron