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What can I use to manage Milia?

Milia are one of those skin concerns that can be a bit mysterious (and frustrating).
The Milia are formed usually because the pore has produced too much keratin and it gets trapped under the skin, or dead skin cells get trapped under new skin.
Left to their own devices, the milia will eventually work their way to your skin's surface but this can take years (literally!). And this process slows down as we age because skin cell turnover slows.
We like the analogy that Milia is like a pearl. A little white bump that starts deep down, and eventually comes to the surface. You can wait for it to come to the surface, you can dig it out (not recommended unless you're an expert!), or you can gently exfoliate the area.
We have 2 types of exfoliators - a "physical" one 'Spoonful of Sugar' Exfoliating Scrub, and a "chemical" one 'This Is Me' Enzyme Exfoliating Mask.
You might get the best results using a combination of both, but choosing one or the other is perfectly fine. 
In terms of preventing more milia, the best thing to do is keep up regular gentle exfoliation a couple of times per week, and also review which products you're using in that area especially any products that may be a little too heavy for your skin.
For example, a heavy cream or balm might not be the best choice for your forehead if that's where you're dealing with the milia.
Feel free to reach out to our Woohoo Crew if you have any further questions 😊