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What is the Natural Fragrance listed in your Surf Deodorant?

Here at Woohoo we use all-natural ingredients to add fragrance to our creations, Essential oils are the most common way to do this,
However, our Surf Deodorant does not contain essential-oils! Which is great for those who can be sensitive to them, we have instead chosen to use Food Flavouring.

Yep, you read that correctly! Surf contains Food Flavour, It also smells good enough to eat - but please don't 😁

This Tropical Flavour is our supplier's proprietary blend, so we are unable to break it down further for you except to share that the potential allergens in the tropical food flavouring are;

The specific plant that those allergens are derived from is unknown, and can vary from time-to-time depending on availability.
An example is the compound Limonene, which can be found in Eucalyptus as well as nearly every citrus fruit.