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Why have we chosen aluminium packaging?

Thank you so much for asking 😁

When choosing a type of packaging many factors come into play, the weight, environmental impact, usability and so on.

One main reason for the switch to Aluminium for tins, bottles and tubes is because, unlike plastic - aluminium has the unique ability to be Infinitely Recycled!

Recycling aluminium saves 90% more energy than sourcing new aluminium. It can be back on a shelf in recycled form in as little as 60 days. It’s also lighter to ship, which means fewer carbon emissions and a huge win for our planet.

These are some of the reasons for the switch in packaging to house the Woohoo goodies that aren't suited to cardboard (our first preference in packaging materials!).

You may shop with confidence and peace of mind, as our aluminium tubes, tins and bottles are coated in a BPA-free resin to protect the product and you 😊