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You are not your skin

You are not your skin

We wanted to ramble about something pretty important today. It’s important because it has to do with how you feel about yourself, and how happy you are just being you.

Here goes… The idea of perfect skin is a myth.


Yup. We know. That’s the last thing you expected to hear from a skincare company, right?

Well, we’d like to think we’re a little different from most, and we feel a responsibility to keep it real.

The skincare and cosmetics industry in general tends to feed off your insecurities to sell you products. They/we are *not* evil monsters taking advantage of you, but it’s easier than you might realise to be swept away by clever marketing if you don’t have a little reality check now and then.

We see a LOT of skin problems, every day. And if you come to us with a problem we do our very best to help you (and we have a pretty fabulous strike rate!), but we want to make it loud and clear that the idea of perfect skin that many of us have is a snuffleupagus - it’s not realistic and doesn’t exist.

“Perfect skin” is this idea that has been created by the media, professional photographers, makeup artists, amazing lighting and sneaky Instagram filters.

And it’s all too easy to compare yourself to the ideal of “perfect skin” and suddenly your skin problems seem to be magnified.

You know what though? Chances are you’re your own worst critic. Like the painter who paints his wall and is the only one who can see the tiny scuff on his otherwise perfect room.

No one looks as closely at your skin as you do. No one else is looking for problems like most of us do. You’re seeing things that are invisible to everyone else, so pretty please don’t look so hard. Go easy on yourself!

(And… if by any chance there *was* someone doing that… it doesn’t sound like they’re worth spending time with anyway!)

The truth is that skin imperfections are like bottoms. Everyone has them.

Please don’t take this as bad news - it’s actually good news! You can relax a bit, be less critical of yourself, and just not stress about those imperfections.

We all have flaws and that’s TOTALLY OK. If you want to work on those flaws and try to improve them, we’re here to help (with the skincare side of things anyway!), but please don’t ever beat yourself up over them.

Skincare shouldn’t be about perfection. It’s about taking care of yourself and having a bit of fun along the way :)

Your imperfections are part of what what make you who you are… and even if we haven't met you yet, we’re betting that you’re pretty gosh darn amazing!

"I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within."

(JALAL AD-DIN RUMI,Persian poet, mystic)