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What's the story, Woohoo?

  • 1 min read

Funnily enough one of the questions we've been getting asked the most lately has absolutely nothing to do with deodorant. It has to do with something much more important than that!

You've been wondering about our logo, and the story behind it.

If you're the pondering type, you might have noticed that our logo resembles traditional Australian Aboriginal symbols. That's because our personal Aboriginal heritage has been the inspiration behind Woohoo.

We (Aaron and Phoebe, the founders of Woohoo Body) are proud descendents of the Wailwan, Kamilaroi and Guringai Australian Aboriginal nations.

The unique Australian landscape and our fascinating plants are very special to us, and we use many native ingredients in our skin-loving creations both here at Woohoo Body and over at Woohoo Skincare, Woohoo's big sister brand.

We're very grateful to have learned so much about traditional Australian ingredients from our Aboriginal ancestors, as that knowledge has helped us formulate incredibly effective deodorants and skincare products that are the perfect balance of modern science (we call it conscious chemistry) and our unique Australian botanicals.

Even though our logo resembles traditional Aboriginal symbols, they're actually our own original design and not taken from any specific nation. To us our logo represents people all around the world loving the bodies they're in and celebrating their uniqueness, diversity and freedom.

Woohoo to that!