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Pro Ageing: How to age gracefully and happily

  • 4 min read

Pro Ageing: How to age gracefully and happily

Getting older is an interesting thing. We've been brainwashed to fear the slightest changes in our complexions: a wrinkle here, a laugh line there, a smattering of sun spots.

And yet with age comes sooooo much good stuff: wisdom, comfort in your own skin, and the oh-so-coveted ability to give fewer damns.

If you ask us, that sounds pretty great.

Which is why we’ve decided to do something a little different... something completely rebellious...

We’re throwing out the anti-ageing rule book. FOREVER!

In fact, we’re working on removing the word ‘anti-ageing’ entirely from our website.

And we’ve replaced it with PRO-AGEING.

Because when it comes to ageing naturally, we're entering a new age (pun intended) - one that embraces laughter lines as much as laughter and silver hairs.

Instead of seeking the fountain of youth, we're celebrating the diversity of our lives and how they translate to our skin, hair, and bodies.

Rather than focus on how you can swipe years off your face, we’re all about making you feel comfortable, radiant and oh-so-happy in the skin you’re in. No matter your age. No matter your fine lines. No matter what the magazines tell us.

Why we’ve shifted the narrative

The pressure of being perfect can be overwhelming, especially when you are progressing in your years.

We think it’s utterly important to break the beauty standards and pressure that so many of us face on a daily basis.

Much like our rejection of fad diets or anti-cellulite products, the ‘anti-ageing’ movement is out-dated, old-fashioned and has completely lost its appeal. Not to mention it’s a killer of confidence.

Pro-ageing is about celebrating every age, gender or race at every life stage. It’s about diversity and equality for all.

Everyone should be valued and have the right to age naturally regardless of how they look or how many wrinkles they have.

After all, beauty truly is on the inside; the kindness in our hearts, the generosity we give others, the laughter in our eyes, the spring in our step.

Beauty is not about trying to achieve eternal youth.

Ageing gracefully and happily, is where it’s at!

Ageing gracefully isn’t about ‘giving up and accepting decay’, nor is it about the idea of ‘a quick fix’ or trying to look like a 20-something.

Rather, it embraces the ageing process as a pivotal and beautiful part of life’s journey. It’s about living your best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it.

Does embracing ageing mean giving up skin care? That wouldn't be fair. Mature skin has different needs and, more specifically, different tolerance levels than younger skin.

If you treat it with care, your skin can better protect your body from the elements, regulate your body temperature, and keep you feeling beautiful just the way you are.

Here are some ways to embrace the ageing process:

  • Laugh more: Don’t dread those laugh lines - they’re proof that you’re having a good time and living a life of joy.
  • Move regularly: Exercise lowers stress and improves sleep, skin and bone health, and mood. Not to mention, it sends out a flush of feel-good endorphins that have the ability to power up your day.
  • Get a new hobby:Finding new and meaningful hobbies can help you maintain a sense of purpose and keep you engaged throughout the course of your life. Studies show that people who engage in hobbies and leisure and social activities are happier, and live longer (for us - Phoebe and Aaron - it's triathlons, but your hobby needn't be so extreme!).
  • Mind your diet:Healthy foods and a healthy gut are the way to go when it comes to ageing gracefully. Colourful fruits and veg, nutritional superfoods, sustainable protein sources and lots of good fats enhance skin health and help your insides sing.
  • Relax, max:The effects of stress on your body can be vast. Using relaxation techniques, such as meditation, breathing exercises and yoga can be great for physical, mental and emotional health and impart a nice, healthy glow to your skin (and soul!).
  • Self care isn’t selfish:Self-care means taking care of yourself with rituals and practices that make you feel fabulous and supported. A face mask, a long bath, some journaling - whatever it may be, it’s a surefire way to keep you feeling oh-so-radiant on the inside, out.
  • Think positive:We know this can be tricky to do at the best and worst of times, but our thoughts really do play a big part in how we age and how we feel. In addition to having wonderful benefits on the inside, thinking positive can have great benefits on the outside too. So where possible, try your best to adopt a positive attitude - remember, we may not always be able to change our outer world, but we can always shift our inner world.

Please take a second to remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, no matter your age, and no matter how many lines your face may have.

The true key to looking and feeling AMAZING is health and happiness. Take good care of yourself, embrace your individuality and do the things you love.