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What’s on your natural and organic wishlist?

This may appear to be a bit random, but once you get to know us more often than not we get asked to recommend other types of products that aren’t in our range.

Since Woohoo Skincare has started we have learnt so much about ingredients and formulations, allowing us to be very good at spotting the truth. We don’t know it all but we do know where to look and who to ask, which keeps us continually learning and improving.

We know that our range doesn’t cover every single aspect of skincare and we feel very privileged that you trust us to give good advice.

With that in mind there are some common skincare products we consistently get asked about and creating a Woohoo Skincare version would take too long and require too big an investment for a small company like us.

You know we are honest so we are happy to admit that there are other skincare companies that do amazing products.

So here is the big question…

Would you like us to do all the research and find you the best natural and organic products that we don’t do?

We will do all research and ensure that the products meet our strict criteria, do what they say they will and not leave big holes in your pockets.

If so, which products are you most interested in?

The products we get asked the most about are an everyday sunscreen, a natural foundation and natural makeup, so we could start with those products.

If you’re looking for these too, or if you’d like something else please let us know by commenting below or emailing us at contact@happyskincare.com.au.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts