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There is so much news to tell you

It’s a long weekend so grab a coffee and let’s catch up. It has been crazy lately so we thought we would take some time and share with you all the changes that have been going on.

The Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream is getting a facelift

It was our first ever product but after some valuable feedback we agreed with many of the suggestions so it was time to make it better. Our main aim was to keep it deeply moisturising but also to make it lighter and soak in better. It will also be using mostly organic and 100% natural ingredients and be vegan friendly.

We are not too sure when the revamped formulation will be ready. Hopefully in the next 6 – 8 weeks. It will also have a new name.

A change for our 4 step system – it’s now available without automatic deliveries

As you have probably heard our brand new Organic 4 Step Happy System was completed and ready for you to enjoy. But after to speaking to some of you it has become apparent that an autoship program is not everyone’s cup of earl grey. We completely understand because sadly other companies have used it to take advantage of their customers and betray their trust.

No one should ever have to cancel their credit card to stop receiving a product they no longer want. So we are now also offering it without any autoship commitments. Now it is sligntly more expensive but it is still awesome value giving you significant savings.

Interested in the Organic 4 Step Happy System? Click here

A new ‘Pig In Mud’ for mature and sensitive skin

We have a new version of the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask. It uses Australian Pink Clay for a softer and gentler mask making it a better option for those with sensitive or mature skin. It still has Green Tea which is prefectly paired with Pomegranate because they both are high in antioxidants and phenols which protect against photo-ageing. Pomegranate has also been credited with reducing collagen breakdown (which means slowing down those wrinkles!).

Read more about the Pig In Mud

Nutrition expert joins the team

Ruth-Fellowes-NutritionalistRecently we met a lovely lady – Ruth Fellowes, who is an expert clinically trained and holistic (naturopathic) Nutritionist. Ruth has kindly offered her expertise and will be contributing to our newsletters in the future.

Lastly before we let you get back to your relaxing long weekend we are going to be doing a weekly newsletter so we can share more great information especially now we have Ruth’s expertise.

Until next time take care,
Aaron and Phoebe