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The Proof Is In – You Really Are What You Eat

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat” – well it seems that only now it’s starting to sink in.

We have heard some inspirational stories in the last couple of weeks about the power of food.

One lady was wheelchair bound by MS (multiple sclerosis) and by radically increasing her vegetable intake she went from a wheelchair to riding a bike in only 1 year. Her name is Dr Terry Wahls.

For 60 days, an Australian guy drank fresh vegetable and fruit juice to get off medication (to treat his autoimmune disease) and kick start his way to better health. His name is Joe Cross and he has released a documentary you may like to watch called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – he had us hooked.

The moral of the story? Your Mum and Popeye were right – eat your vegetables!

P.S Click here for further information about Dr Terry Wahls or Joe Cross.