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The Chicken or the Egg?

Does having good skin improve your happiness or does being happy give you good skin? It sounds like we have put on our philosophical pants doesn’t it?

It turns out both are true. So enter the new medical field of psychodermatology. It’s all based on how your mind and skin interact, and uses psychological techniques to treat skin problems.

The big words make it sound very serious and complex, but when you break it down it’s simply recognising that your state of mind plays a role in your skin health.

A healthy mind and healthy skin go hand in hand.

Emotional stress could be upsetting the apple cart. Stress raises cortisol levels in your body which can flare up skin conditions. Another prime example of the mind, body, spirit connection

Acne, eczema and psoriasis can all be triggered when we are stressed. Stressing about pimples right before a big occasion can be making it worse.

The positive flipside is that these skin conditions are also helped by getting your zen on.

Meditation is so hot right now!

It seems as though meditation is becoming the new ‘IT’ thing that all celebrities are doing and for good reason. It is one of the best ways reduce stress which will reduce cortisol levels = better skin for you.

Meditation is not the only option. Any cortisol busting technique that works for you is perfect. If you need a few ideas here are a fewPhoebe getting her zen on

  • Get more sleep
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Yoga (the pic on the right is Phoebe 36 weeks pregnant, that’s dedication for you)
  • Deep breathing
  • Have a cuppa
  • Gratitude diary
  • Listen to your favourite tunes
  • Do something thoughtful for somebody
  • Release you inner creative spirit with things like music, craft, gardening or art
  • Play – with friends, pets or kids (if they’re not your own it might be best to ask first )

If meditation is something you want to give a go but don’t know where to start check out 1 Giant Mind. They make learning very easy.

happy skincare in oxygen magazinePhoebe’s a bit of a multitasker so she likes to take care of the mind and skin at the same time. Her favourite way is to have a Pig In Mud Mineral Mask while having a long hot soak in a warm bath (whilst longingly remembering the days when there was a red wine in the picture too! The things we do for our kids… )

P.S. Oink Oink! We were very excited this week to spot our humble Pig In Mud Mineral Mask in Oxygen Magazine Australia!