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What exactly is a pro-perspirant? And can Woohoo REALLY get any better?

Pro-perspirant? Say waaahhhh?

The ‘pro-perspirant’ movement says, “Yes” to sweat and “No” to clogging up our pores with man made contaminants.

Despite the rumours, sweating is good for us. It’s a totally natural bodily function that should be embraced, not shunned.

Sweating cools your body down (like our very own in-built air con); it gets rid of toxins (hurrah!), helps keep your complexion clear and prevents your pores from getting blocked.

These are kinda good things, right?!

Okay, we get that no one likes putrid-smelling armpits—but there are other, non-toxic and less harmful, ways to mop up sweat and banish BO.

Quite the opposite of anti-perspirants, that use chemicals and aluminium salts to kill bacteria and stop sweat from escaping through the pores, our deodorants take a kind, toxin-free approach.


Using 100% natural ingredients, our healthy and toxin-free Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Pastes are the go-to for great-smelling, non-sticky armpits.

The thing is, since sweating is so good we WANT you to sweat. That's why we call our deodorant a pro-perspirant. We're all for perspiring. We want you to be healthy, and live the amazing life you deserve.

So while you sweat, Woohoo is hard at work making sure you don't smell! (and helps keep you dryer too - no 1 trick pony here).

Instead of using nasty aluminium salts, we call on the odour-busting powers of magnesium, bicarb and activated charcoal, plus 100% pure essential oils (no artificial fragrances) for a lust-worthy scent (though Woohoo Mellow is scent-free for our comrades that like their happy and healthy pits to be a bit more neutral).

Our magical tubs of paste work by neutralising your body odour (which is actually caused by sweat-munching bacteria!) and absorbing moisture. The result: sniff-safe armpits, zero toxins. Woohoo to that!

What we put into our products is important, but what we leave out is equally as vital. We’re proudly free from parabens, aluminium, phthalates and artificial fragrances.

Did we mention we’re also vegan-friendly, cruelty-freeAND you can even use it on your sweaty feet. Yes, really!

So that, friends, is what a pro-perspirant is ;) Woohoooooo!

Woohoo is set to get even BETTER in 2018

Now that you know what a pro-perspirant is, and why it's so good for you, we want to let you know that we're never satisfied - we're on a mission to add even more "Woo" to "Woohoo"!

We *may* have bitten off more than we can chew, but here's what the year is looking like:

  1. New environmentally friendly cardboard tubes (Don't like applying with your fingers? Tubes are for you! Want to reduce your plastics? Tick!).
  2. Our samples will now be in cute little tins (less plastics again - hurrah!),.. AND
  3. A new flavour. We'll keep this one on the down-low for now but stay tuned.

Are you with us? Bring on 2018 :)