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Grooming tips for your next formal shindig

  • 3 min read

We get it. Life can get busy.

Social events, weddings, parties, work functions… it can be never ending.

The worst thing is realising you’ve got the biggest meeting of your career, or your going to be immortalised in photographs at your best friend's wedding and you’ve done nothing to prepare.

These tips, will help you get groomed and ready at the drop of a hat all year round.

Stay dapper with your grooming arsenal

It’s never too late to get on the natural skincare bandwagon, but make sure your routine is sorted a month or so before a big event.

The last thing you want is an awful rash, or irritated skin you can’t let settle before the big day. Give your skin time to adjust to the new routine for best results.

Take it from us:

  1. Wash daily with a cleanser or face wash that will clean your pores and prevent acne breakouts.
  2. After cleansing you should exfoliate, once or twice a week to deep cleanse your face and remove any debris from your pores. If you have sensitive try something that isn’t so abrasive.
  3. Moisturising is important for facial hair growth and to avoid dry flaky skin. Tailor your products to your skin type: does your forehead glisten with oil when you’ve first woken up, or does skin flake off? A quick Google search can assist you or get in touch with the HESO gang. Better yet, our one size fits all moisturiser should do the trick.

    Easy Hair Removal

    Sure, we’re ever so proud of that shadow that grows along our jaw line but not so much when it comes scruffy and patchy.

    If you want to look fresh and your best at all times, you have to know how to leave your skin in the best condition and ensure that whatever hair is leftover is well treated and moisturised.

    Our number one tip? If you’re going to shave, don’t do it the day before. Do it the dayof in two parts, shave with the grain and then shave against the grain. This leaves a smooth and clean finish.

    If you want to find out how to avoid rashes and razor bumps with HESO, check out our introductory trial kit (especially formulated for sensitive skin).

    It’s best to also avoid products that are heavily perfumed and that contain irritants like alcohol and dyes.

    Lastly, make sure that your razor is sharp and clean before each shave for the best results.

    Healthy hair, everytime

    Take care of your hair by washing it with a gentle shampoo that won’t dry out your scalp.

    Make sure you prepare your hair cut and leave enough time to ensure it looks its best, whether you want it cut a few weeks before the event or a few days before it’s up to you. But if you want the best salon, book early!

    Leave a lasting scent

    There is such thing as too much cologne, so picking the right one is essential. Plan your signature scent a few weeks before the big event so you know how it works with your skin.

    On the day of the event, make sure you have used a clean and fresh deodorant that isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t contain irritants (Woohoo All Natural Deodorant paste is our go-to).

    Go in with a spray or two of your signature cologne, and you’ll be getting compliments all night.

    Dapper dude repertoire, sorted.