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Our most popular product is 66% bigger (for a limited time)

With Spring in the air everywhere you turn someone is talking about a spring clean. So we thought we should join the party and do something special.

During September you can now have 66% more of The Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm for nothing. You’ll get 100ml for the price of 60ml (including all Organic 4 Step Happy System purchases).

But you may be wondering why we created a cleansing balm and not a more mainstream cream or gel cleanser…

Why did we create a cleansing balm?

After receiving many requests to add a cleanser into the Woohoo Skincare family we first created a cream cleanser but we were never completely happy with it. Even though many people were enjoying it we felt it didn’t fit in with our range. Cream cleansers all seem the same to us… a bit boring really! And we wanted to give you something – as corny as it sounds – that would make you look forward to your facial routine. Something that was special.

We wanted to create for you a cleanser that was suitable for any skin type in any season. This thinking was a little unconventional because there is a general view that gel cleansers are for oily skin and cream cleansers for dry skin.

After looking into it we learnt more about oil cleansing based on the principle of ‘like dissolves like’. That is, oils can be used to dissolve the oily impurities on your skin. There’s no need for soap at all.

Using that principle we wanted to re-create the indulgent and luxurious experience you achieve when cleansing your face with oil but didn’t leave you feeling like you had just worked an 8hr shift cooking hot chips at Hungry Jacks (yes, we’re drawing from Phoebe’s experience here!).

All skin types benefit from using oils and butters to cleanse because they do not strip your skin of its oils. Taking too much oil away makes any condition worse. Taking too much oil from oily skin just makes the skin produce more oil, and taking oil away from dry skin only makes it drier. Sensitive skin will appreciate the absence of irritating soaps and detergents.

Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm Limited Edition 100ml

It took many attempts to get the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm’s recipe right.

It indulgently slides over your skin clearing away the daily grime without using soaps or detergents. MSM, Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Organic Shea butter leave your skin moisturised and nourished while the carefully blended essential oils of Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle, Australian Sandalwood and Vanilla soothes and relaxes you (some even claim it’s meditative) leaving you more refreshed and vibrant.

You can get yourself a jar of the limited edition super-sized 100ml Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm by ordering the balm on its own or as a part of the Organic 4 Step Happy System during September only.


“Already my skin is brighter, smoother, and has reduced puffiness around the eyes. I have less breakouts and it has even helped reduce redness around my face.”
Tracy Mintoff, Blackbutt NSW
“Cloud 9 cleansing balm is a godsend. I was unsure at first as it felt oily and not what I expected from a cleanser. But after nearly a month of using it daily, the improvements to my skin speak for themselves. Clearer, and very importantly not dried out and irritated. I was acne prone skin. Blackheads are visibly less and my pores are smaller. My skin feels moisturised.”
Ekaterini McKee, Menai NSW
I am just in love with the Cloud 9 balm! It feels so good and smells lovely, I have never tried anything similar before. Well, I will say that everything is so great – the oil, the mask and the raindrops on roses. They are not only a nice gift for the skin, but to the soul as well.
Monica Salas, Jesmon NSW