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Look, we’re famous :)

Photo by Dean Osland from the Newcastle Herald.

This week we’re showing off a bit about our appearance in the Newcastle Herald. OK, we know it’s not exactly the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald but it’s a pretty big deal for us

We were so happy to see our favourite product recognised, the TLC Intensive Repair Oil, which was created with the best of intentions as a custom “potion” for a lady who was undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from terrible dry skin side effects. Since then the TLC Intensive Repair Oil has become so much more and has helped many people with their skin. It’s what makes us love what we do.

To read the article click here to open up a bigger image. You may need to click it again once it’s open to zoom in.

Woohoo Skincare in the Newcastle Herald (click to view the full sized article)

P.S. It’s only a matter of days now till the Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing Cream is available, woohoo! We’ll be emailing again soon to tell you all about it xo

P.P.S. If you’re having trouble reading the article you can view it on the Newcastle Herald website here.