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Konjac sponges – Get some squishy skin goodness!

Last week we shared some ways to get an exfoliation fix for clear glowing skin and during the week we realised we probably didn’t give the humble Konjac sponge enough kudos.

The thing that jogged our memory was discovering a blog article whilst researching about Clarisonics which had the title “Konjac Sponge – Better than my Clarisonic!”

The research on Clarisonics didn’t get very far so our first impression of it being an oversized and overpriced electric toothbrush hasn’t changed (we are happy for you disagree if you are loving them).

It’s time to put the spotlight on the Konjac sponge.

Like many great beauty discoveries it was a beauty secret of some stunning women from ancient times. In the konjac’s story it was the beauty secret of Japanese, Korean and Chinese glamour girls.

Fast forward 1500 years and Konjac sponges are again making a splash in the beauty world.

Splish Splash Take Bath (with Your Konjac)

When you first see a konjac sponge you will probably say to yourself “what the heck is that?” And rightly so because it looks a bit alien and you are not sure if you want to touch it.

Curiosity wins and you will reach out with one finger, your head half turned in anticipation that once you touch this slimy wet thing it will turn into a frog and attack.

But when your finger touches it you are not only relieved but amazed at how springy and soft it actually feels and the best part is yet come. The first cleanse!

What makes the Konjac sponge so good?

The Konjac sponges are pH balanced, soft and gentle – yet they are a great exfoliating alternative to abrasive scrubs. They can be used every day (twice a day even) without the fear of over-scrubbing for any skin type.

The beauty of the sponge is its simplicity. It is naturally alkaline to balance the acidity of your skin’s impurities and oils. It revitalises your skin and will transform your skincare routine! (We should also mention it’s a wonderful way to wipe off your Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm).

The things that really made us fall in love with Konjac sponges and bring them into our range are that they are easy and quick to use, 100% natural and come from plant fibre, sustainable, biodegradable, cruelty free, deep cleansing, gentle and affordable.

Our bathroom always has a Konjac sponge (or 2 or 3) handy.

We have 2 different sponges

  1. Bamboo Charcoal for acne-prone, oily and problematic skin –with activated carbon & various minerals it’ll help you fight acne-causing bacteria and revitalise your complexion.
  2. French Red Clay for dry, sensitive and mature skin– loaded with Iron Oxide it cleanses deeply and speeds up skin regeneration. We have even heard glowing reports that the French Red Clay sponge helps with the rosacea condition.

Each sponge lasts 2 to 3 months and once you’re done with it you can just pop it into the compost bin!

Next time you are doing some Woohoo Skincare shopping why not throw a Konjac sponge into the basket and experience the squishy goodness all for yourself?