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I exercise for 2 important reasons and neither involves bikinis (… and the Moderation Movement)

This week you get a break from us, in a good way. We want to introduce you to a way of thinking that suits us to a tee. And there’s a good chance it will tickle your fancy too.

We stumbled across a group called the Moderation Movement and we immediately loved the message they were trying spread. Especially the one where wine and cheese is a good thing.

You don’t need to quit certain foods or follow rules to achieve your healthiest body and your happiest mind. The Moderation Movement is bringing balance back! It’s health without the Do’s and Don’ts.

We’re going to be upfront with you. You DO still have to exercise. But it’s not all bad news

We were so impressed we got in touch with Jodie (the founder of the Moderation Movement) and asked if she would like to share her wisdom with us. She kindly accepted our invitation.

Jodie is an amazing person. Not only is she the founder of the Moderation Movement but also the director of award winning group fitness business Healthy Balance Fitness and is incredibly passionate about helping others feel good about themselves. She says “you don’t need a six-pack, size 8 jeans or a rock hard butt to be awesome. We see you’re already awesome, and help you to achieve the kind of results that enable you to see it too.”

moderation movement

What’s the most important thing in life? I’m betting you didn’t say “Having a model-like bikini body”!

For most people health, happiness and love top their list of the most important things.

What if instead of thinking about exercise as a tool for changing how you look, instead you celebrated it as a way to boost two of the most important things in your life?!

Regular exercise will not only boost your health, it also boosts your happiness too.

Jodie Arnot - Healthy Balance Fitness and the Moderation Movement

Check out Jodie’s blog post about the 7 ways that exercise creates happiness.

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Jodie Arnot is director of Healthy Balance Fitness a multi-award winning group fitness business based in Melbourne, Australia.