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How your Woohoo deos are made

“Hey Phoebe and Aaron, how do you make Woohoo deodorants?”

What a fantastic question, but it’s really hard to answer this without giving away trade secrets! We’ll give it a darn good go though.

Let’s start with...

The perfect balance of ingredients

From the outside our pastes may look just like a regular jar of deo, but what’s inside it a result of 36+ years of deodorant dissatisfaction, immense frustration and years of passionate learning. From the very beginning we were on a mission to find the perfect balance of ingredients that would offer a healthy, toxin-free alternative to the anti-perspirant deodorants on the market.

Let us tell you, it was no easy feat finding ingredients that were 100% natural, organic and vegan. Add to that the fact they had to not cause any irritation, smell really nice and put up a burly battle against B.O.

But we succeeded and Aaron’s smelly armpits thanked us!

Made by hand with lotsa’ love

We get our hands dirty at Woohoo HQ, because all of our deodorants are made with our own fair hands. We mix the formula (usually while humming along to our favourite tunes from the 80s) using special hand-held blenders with ultra-fast mixing speeds. This makes the deodorants super smooth and easy to spread on your pits!

In small batches

We’re all about quality over quantity. One awesome coffee is better than five average coffees. To ensure our deos adhere to the uppermost quality, we only make small batches. Plus don’t forget we’re making this stuff by hand and we only have four hands between the two of us. We might be maverick mixers but we’re certainly not magicians!

Blast chilled to lock in smoothness

Just like on Masterchef where the contestants are constantly running to the blast chiller, so too are our pastes (our blast chiller is new so we’re pretty excited!).

Chilling the deo this way helps preserve the product and locks in smoothness so your pits can enjoy the silky-soft formula as you swipe it on. Think of it as a moisturiser, for your pits!

Manually filled for absolute perfection

Once the formula has been mixed and chilled our day is certainly not over. No siree! Next we limber up with a few stretches and get ready to fill each and every pot by hand. Yes, by hand.

Following that we individually weigh the deos to make sure each and every one is just perfect. Did someone say “perfectionist”?

Batch code party

During our batch code party (again, we’re banging out the 80s tunes) every jar is blessed (printed) with its very own batch code. While major care and effort goes into getting the formula just right, we’re only human and things can go awry (touch wood they haven’t yet!). Having a batch code means we can easily trace any possible issues.

Boxed by hand

Our poor hands are aching but still there’s work to be done. Woohoo deos are boxed by hand, by real humans (that’s Aaron and I and our little team of helpers) and with love.

Our cute little boxes are recyclable and shipped the eco-friendly way to ensure Woohoo All Natural Deo isn’t just good for your pits, it’s good for the planet too!

And there you have it! A day in the life of a Woohoo Paste. Pretty nifty life, if you ask us – but we could be biased ;)