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Noticed something shiny and new? In glass? (yes, new packaging is here!)

A few weeks ago we dropped a few hints about changes that were on the way, and if you’re on the ball you might have noticed a few of these changes start to creep into reality… ;)

We’ve quietly been working away at introducing a few very special new ways of packaging our best selling Happy creations, and our major motivation behind this has been thinking about this big ol’ planet of ours.

Of course it also helps that our new packaging is *very* swanky.

You probably already know that the impact our packaging has on the environment is something that means the world to us (no pun intended!), and something we think about constantly.

When we learned about the rather chaotic state of recycling in Australia right now (check out this recent blog post in case you missed it), we couldn’t help but have a knee-jerk reaction, and we changed things up as soon as we could, and this is just the start.

Up till now our focus has always been on using as much 100% post-consumer recycled plastics as we could, but since Aussie recycling is becoming less and less reliable, we feel the need to take things into our own hands. So that’s what we did.

Our best sellers now live in glass

As of last week we’ve moved some of your favourites into glass packaging (there will surely be some cheers from the bleachers on this one - we’ve been getting *lots* of requests for this!). First off the rank were the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm, Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrub, and the Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum.

It's not just any old glass either. It's luxe miron glass which provides the ultimate level of protection for your precious Happies by filtering out light that causes skincare products to oxidise and lose their effectiveness over time.

Now, the reason we’re making this move to glass is the most exciting bit… it’s so that we can become less reliant on recycling programs that don’t work, and instead focus on our very own refill programs!!

As we mentioned, it’s still early days and we’re not able to refill your jars just yet, but it’s coming :) :) Before we can safely run a refill program we need to invest in a very expensive machine called an autoclave which will sterilise all of the returned glass packaging so we can re-use it.

(By the way, if anyone has a spare autoclave they’d love to donate to our cause or if you want to help us crowdfund one, we’d be OVER THE MOON).

We’ve put Pig In Mud in a bag :)

There’s also now a handy version of our Pig In Mud Mineral Mask in a bag! We are undecided as to whether it will stay in a bag (and only a bag), or if we’ll offer both bag and jar options, so if you have thoughts on this please drop us a line.

We don’t actually have any of our white plastic jars in stock at the moment so right now the only option available is for you to your Pig In Mud Mineral Mask in a bag. The bag is awesome because it uses 85% less plastic and can be dropped off at your local Woolworths to be recycled by Redcycle, but it will be even more awesome soon. We’re waiting on the arrival of new compostable bags which will make the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask bag option an absolute winner.

But wait, there’s more

In a couple of weeks we’ll have even more exciting changes to announce, but as always we’re in this to create a range of products that you love, and your opinion matters immensely to us, so….

Do you like these changes? Leave us a “YES” or “NO” (and some thoughts if you have time) in the comments below.