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We've now got eco-friendly jumbo sizes!

It has been action stations here in Happy Land because this week we have a world-record-breaking 8 (!!!) new products for you to indulge in.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. 8 new Happy babies have been born.

They're not *totally* new though - they're your old favourites in brand spanking new BIGGER packaging options. You've been asking for larger sizes for yonks, and they are finally ready for you :)

These beauties are now all jumbo sized in 250ml post-consumer-recycled bottles....

These bottles all come *without* pumps - instead they have a simple tin cap so that we can give you an option to really cut down on your use of non-recycled or non-renewable plastics. The idea is that you can refill your smaller 100ml bottles, but these sizes are totally usable too if you're happy to go pump-less!

PLUS the crowd favourite Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm is now in a humongous 200g tin!

And we're not quite done yet - today we're also releasing the SURF scented Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste in a larger 70g size and (we're very excited about this!) its jar is made from 100% bio-plastic (sugarcane!). This means it's still 100% recyclable but now also 100% renewable.

Phew! So much goodness, right?

Hold the phone. We have a new eBook too!

We weren't exaggerating about the action stations. Last month we took some time away from the lab to put some ideas down into a new eBook.

The book is filled with 45 (mostly *super duper easy*) eco-friendly tips that will hopefully inspire you to have a bit of a think about how "green" your life is. And - just maybe - add a few tweaks here and there to live a little more sustainably (because every bit counts!).

And don't worry, perfection is NOT expected :)

Click here to download our new eBook. Enjoy!