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How to Store Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil has a shelf life of up to 5 years when properly stored in cool dry place and out of direct sunlight. It is ideal to store the bottle of Tamanu Oil you are frequently using between 21° C (70° F) and below 52° C (125° F) and out of direct sunlight. Our glass bottles have an amber color tint which help protect the oil from sunlight. Do not freeze the Tamanu Oil.

When the oil temperature gets below below 21° C, the oil will become cloudy and a sediment may form on the bottom of the container. This is completely normal and is actually a sign of the Tamanu Oil’s purity. It shows that the oil is cold-pressed and not heat extracted. The cooling of the oil won’t damage it at all. Heating the oil up to between 46° C and 49° C and then shaking the bottle will restore the oil back to a clearer and smooth flowing green colored oil.

We recommend heating the oil by putting it into a basin of hot water from your tap (with the lid on to ensure no water gets in) and submerging the oil for 20 seconds. Then shake the bottle vigorously to mix to oil thoroughly. This will restore the Tamanu Oil back to a more clear, smooth- flowing, green colored oil, and retain all the desired benefits.

DO NOT heat the oil above 57° C as the higher temperature may cause the partial destruction of enzymes.

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