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How to get rid of congested skin

Congested skin… the buddy ol’ pal that’s overstayed his welcome.

Bumps. Lumps. Rough patches. Dry flaky bits. Zits bigger than Mt. Everest. Yep… they can be a real pain in the kahunas.

So how can you officially give congested skin the flick for good?

The solution is pretty simple, but it does take a little effort and maintenance to keep disgruntled skin at bay.


First, it’s wise to know that your skin is the largest organ of your body and is in constant contact with dirt, oil, debris and pollutants. Especially if you’re the outdoorsy type.

So when it comes to understanding what causes congestion, think of it like this: when all of the above gets trapped in your pores, blackheads, zits, whiteheads and pimples are going to start popping up.

Clogged pores coupled with inflammation = one angry complexion.

The key to treating these pesky critters is with proper detoxification and keeping your skin as clean as possible (but without over-cleansing).


First and foremost, are you cleansing daily? Nope, we’re not talking about a splash of water on your face in the morning.

An often overlooked step in a grooming routine, cleansing can make all the difference when it comes to a smoother-than-smooth base vs one that’s as bumpy as a dirt racing track.

Cleansing can reduce ingrown hairs and rashes caused by shaving (our Aftershave formula is also a gun at soothing the skin post-shave).

When it comes to cleansing you’ve got 3 choices.

  1. Use a product (i.e. cleanser in a bottle or bar)
  2. Use a Konjac sponge and some water (these squishy sponges are the bomb), or
  3. Use both!

Whatever you do, don’t put soap on your skin. That’ll just dry your skin out and cause problems.

If you do have sensitive skin and you’re going for option #1, you’ll want formulas that contain Aloe Vera or any calming agents.

Acne-prone and oily skin types should reach for a rebalancing formula.

Skin drier than the Sahara desert? Opt for a cleanser that’s packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients and won’t strip away the skin’s oils.

How do you know when you’ve got it right? If your skin feels dry and tight after cleansing, then you’re over cleansing and stripping your skin of its natural oils. If your skin feels comfortable then it’s a good sign you’ve got it spot on.


How about exfoliation? Another overlooked step, exfoliating on a regular basis will help keep your skin clear and reduce the amount of buildup on the skin and in the pores, which is crucial to preventing congestion.

It removes that gritty layer of the skin, uprooting ingrown hairs, helping unclog pores and smoothing out your overall skin tone.

This is a bit of a catch 22 because if you exfoliate too much you can cause more congestion. You want a *gentle* exfoliator (TIP - it shouldn’t feel like sandpaper) and should only exfoliate once or twice per week.

Always ensure you follow up your exfoliating, cleansing and shave routine with a quality moisturiser and/or Aftershave.

If you’re using a Konjac sponge twice a day then you’re already ahead, because it’s a super gentle exfoliator too, so you can pretty much skip this step.


So you’re cleansing and exfoliating like a boss, but now you gotta make sure your skin remains clean, hydrated and healthy.

Enter: HESO’s Moisturiser, and just like a tall glass of the good stuff, skin will be instantly quenched.

Straight from the top shelf this cream unconditionally conditions to keep skin protected, hydrated and looking the goods.

Apply morning and night, and in conjunction with your shave routine and there we have it – skin that looks as clear and day and feels smoother than butter.