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"How I finally switched to natural deodorant" (real customer stories)

"How I finally switched to natural deodorant" (real customer stories)

Switching to natural deodorant can really stink. Literally. Especially if the product you’re using isn’t up to scratch.

It can turn you into a hot, itchy mess. It can smell and feel great… until 2pm. Or it can make you pongier than ever before.

Yup. The struggle is real. Finding a natural deodorant that actually works (without the questionable ingredients) may seem as difficult as discovering the Holy Grail.

But if the testimonials in this blog post are anything to go by, once you find the one, it’s a lifelong love affair.

If you’re sitting on the fence about making the switch to natural deodorant, don’t take it from us – take it from the wonderful real humans below that were kind enough to share their experience about transitioning to Woohoo Body deodorants and how it impacted their life for the better.

How I switched to natural deodorant - Millie

Millie: “Not only am I not having any bad smells, but I sweat less throughout the day and I don't have to stress about reapplying.”

“I was a little apprehensive about switching to Woohoo because I had read about the transition period, particularly because I am quite a heavy sweater and am the type of person to reapply my antiperspirant multiple times a day to prevent any stink.

My experience, however, was amazing. I gave myself a week of detoxing my underarms and put my good faith into the brand with high hopes and I was not disappointed.

After a few days things really settled down and I felt confident that I could apply Woohoo once in the morning and once in the early afternoon and that would get me through.

Over the coming weeks, I found the amount I sweat significantly reduced and now my morning application gets me through the entire day with no breakthrough BO which is huge for me!

Woohoo took the stress out of something I was quite self-conscious about.”

- Millie, 25, QLD.

How I switched to natural deodorant - Adam

Adam: “I think the hardest part is staying the course at the start. You'll smell for a week or two as your body clears out all the other rubbish but once you're past that it's smooth sailing and nice smelling pits!”

“I used to use a spray before discovering Woohoo and I had an extremely bad rash under my arms. Red and sore and it burnt every time I applied more.

After changing to Woohoo… the rash completely disappeared. My skin has actually become softer and smoother under my arms (I'd even thought of putting it on my face as an aftershave once!).

My brother in law was complaining of the same painful rash under his arm. Two weeks later he came to me smiling saying his rash had completely disappeared and he felt much better.

Another big ‘aha’ moment was when I went on a hike a few weeks ago and was dripping with sweat however I didn't smell at all. My wife even mentioned how it was possible that using a spray just masked the smell whereas with Woohoo it actually eliminated it all together?!

It simply works!”

- Adam, 39, Sydney

How I switched to natural deodorant - Claire

Claire: “It works!”

“I discovered Woohoo a fair few years ago (maybe 3 years) after trying several other advertised natural deodorants - none of which worked for me!

I tried the mini 4 pack of sample size deodorants and took them on holiday to Cairns and Port Douglas during a heatwave (the best test possible!).

I was blown away by how well the Wild flavour worked. No matter how much I sweated while we were out and about in that crazy humidity - not once did I smell.

I love that Phoebe & Aaron are so honest in their advertising and feedback - they have always responded to my queries and that makes me trust them and their products all the more.”

- Claire, 36, WA

How I switched to natural deodorant - Mackenzie

Mackenzie: “Easy to use, great for the planet, great for me and it's not even expensive!”

“I first came across Woohoo Body after a long touch and go process. I went through some brands until I hit the one that worked the best for me. I kept it up until I started developing these hard painful lumps under my left armpit. I went to the doctor about it, he gave me some antibiotics to help get rid of them, and they helped until I ran out. Then the lumps came back.

I pursued the issue and the doctor told me it was cysts caused by my deodorant, and that the lumps were my body's reaction to it. After this, I was stumped as to where to go from there.

Also around that time, I had discovered how bad plastic was to our planet. And then… I found Woohoo Body (through Go For Zero). A cardboard packaged deodorant, all-natural, no added chemicals, no aluminium and for sensitive bodies. I thought it sounded perfect for me and bought one.

And I've never looked back since–no more sores, no more lumps, no more red irritation; I'd found my solution so easily.

I actually have nice looking underarms now. I know that's a silly thing to say but for a long time, my underarms made me embarrassed to wear singlets even in my own home. Now, I even wear singlets outside!

With Woohoo, I never have to worry about my underarms anymore, they are so happy and healthy; I actually feel normal again.”

- Mackenzie, 24, QLD

Perhaps more satisfying than our natural-deodorant-making adventures, has been interviewing our customers about making the switch to Woohoo Body to create this blog.

We want to say a MASSIVE “thank you” to Millie, Adam, Claire and Mackenzie for sharing your heartfelt stories!!!!! They’ve brought us lots of smiles and “aha!” moments.

If you’ve had a similar experience with Woohoo we’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email to crew@woohoobody.com.au and share your Woohoo moments with us :)

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