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What’s your favourite Woohoo Skincare product? Here’s what you had to say!

  • 4 min read

Here at Woohoo Skincare, we adore our little community of natural beauty lovers! Built up of fabulous people who share the spirit and ethos of our brand and make our days all the more brighter.

We recently put out a call on our VHP (Very Happy People) Facebook Group asking our skincare aficionados what their favourite Happy products were and why.

It was SO much fun to read about the natural formulations you all can’t live without, and which standout products get multiple ticks of approval (*ahem* looking at you Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm!).

Below, we’ve shared some of your answers:

“My all time fav Happy Product is Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm HANDS DOWN! Cloud 9 has been instrumental in my skincare. I am a bit over 1 year cancer free and post treatment which left my face insanely dry. Before cancer I always had combo skin, never having an issue with dryness. I would smother it on my face as a mask each night which was so relaxing and felt so good and has really helped bring moisture back. It’s been a lifesaver for my skin. So Thankyou - Katie Nicol

“Got to be Sweet Dreams Ultra-Rich Beauty Cream - the goldilocks of moisturisers for my skin. I use it night and day as it soaks in quickly, doesn’t leave an oily film but my skin isn’t feeling dry an hour later.” - Cathy Crane

“My long time love is the Perfectly Happy Light Vitamin C Cream!After 10 years of changing moisturisers every few months, I met this little gem in a sample pack for adult acne and I haven’t been without it since. It goes on light, doesn’t clog pores, keeps skin moisturised to stop those pimples that come when the skin surface is too dry, but isn’t so heavy that it causes pimples. I recommend this one all the time ” - Tegan Pittard

Raindrops onRoses Hydrating Tonicfor me. It’s such a versatile product that I use in several ways. I apply it after cleansing and it helps my Fairy Godmother serum spread more easily on my face. I also use a spritz to set or refresh my makeup. On a hot day a spray of Raindrops on Roses just gives my skin a little pick me up. Love it ” - Trish Jarrot

Pig in Mud Mineral Mask for sure. Twice a week I apply this mask and it keeps away black heads and draws out impurities, but is also super soothing for my 'reactive' skin. I'm happy as a pig in.... mud! ” - Kirsten Andric

“This is a tough one but Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrub is my favourite. It is the best scrub I have ever used and could not live without it. It feels exfoliating enough without feeling like my skin has been scraped off completely and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tight like it’s going to split.” - Teija Ruuska

Warm Fuzzies Nourishing Body Cream is my absolute favourite. As well as being an awesome body moisturiser, it’s done double duty when I’ve run out of face moisturiser.” - Julie Robison

“I love Smitten Kitten Probiotic Cleansing Milk. Easy to use in and out the shower. It also doubles as the best make up remover ever! It easily wipes away even tough, magnetic eyeliner.” - Karen Shine

“I love the Sunrise Over C Mattifying Facial Oil!!! I feel like it brightens my skin like no other, and it absorbs so beautifully. My skin always looks glowing by morning. I also love to spot treat breakouts with a dab of sunrise - it works so well!” - Kristina Ioannou

“My favourite product would be the Laugh Out Loud Jojoba Oil! It honestly changed my life and took me from crappy flaky red skin to hydrated, balanced skin ” - Marsha Drca

Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream. Makes my skin feel great all day long. Not at all greasy though, just nice.” - Regina Carr

Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum. Absolutely love how this not only brightens areas around my eyes but also damaged skin tone areas around my face and body. It's so versatile and lightweight. A little goes a long way. I find myself more confident each day not having to wear make-up to cover up but healing and hydrating my skin instead! ” - Loraine Goergenia Eshuis

P.S. If you're curious about our Facebook group, it's a place where we chat about new products we're working on and you get a chance to test out our latest creations. To get access to our group, please check your membership level of our rewards program - it's open to level 2 (Best Mate) and level 3 (Soulmate). Click here to log in and see which level you're on and contact us if you'd like to join xx