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Ageing gracefully & happily: what it means to you

Ageing gracefully & happily: what it means to you

Not long ago we made a decision to ditch the words anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-sagging: and alllll the counter-attacking yucky terminology that often comes with the beauty industry.

In its place, we started talking about something we’ve always been passionate about - ‘pro-ageing’, which is all about accepting and celebrating yourself, regardless of age.

You see, we’re not afraid of the ageing process and we don’t think you should be either.

There is nothing more joyous and liberating than simply accepting every inch of your beautiful self, and welcoming life’s physical changes more calmly, like a celebration of the passing time rather than a burden.

It doesn’t mean you need to stop taking care of yourself. It just means you can start to embrace healthy ageing and general well-being in a more natural, holistic and dare we say, happier way. After all, the most important thing is feeling good!

We recently put a post out on social media asking what ageing gracefully and happily meant to you, and the response was so humbling.

Here are some of our favourite responses (we hope they warm your heart the way they did ours!):

“When you realise you have so many things to be thankful for, aging gracefully comes naturally.”- Leslie Tomlin

“I do love the almost rebellious nature of flat out refusing to conform and actually *gasp* loving my appearance as I age. Fine lines? You bet....mighty fine!!!! What fun!” - Faye Cowling

“Laugh, Cry and Dance My Way! It's my life and I earnt my stripes (aka fine lines)!” - Tanya Walsh

“Getting older is so wonderful once you embrace it!!! I now look at my body and not only love it but giving it the praise it deserves. My body has carried three children and still works well.”- Leilani Gibson

“Aging happily means that I am comfortable and confident in myself and my body, whatever shape it’s in.”- Michelle Ives

“Getting older is such a privilege - a privilege that some never get to share, so how lucky am I!” - Susan Collins

“Cherishing those grey hairs and knowing that I have earnt them!” - Anthea Mur

“Ageing gracefully and happily means changing the way I THINK about myself rather than changing the way I LOOK. It means thinking how the crinkles around my eyes are from smiling too hard, the lines around my mouth are from laughing lots, and the dark circles under my eyes are from spending precious moments with my little ones at night.” - Lisa Wastell-Anthony

“We who live long enough to get old are the lucky ones!”- Natalie Pratt

“Aging gracefully is knowing you are fearfully and wonderfully made, through every season of your life. You embrace the changes and rejoice in the evidence that you have been blessed with a long and full life.” - Lorraine Georgenia Eshuis

“Ageing gracefully and happily means accepting all parts of me for their beauty and perfection; it means my age is not defined by a number and that my happiness benefits everyone because we’re all connected.”- Darlene Young

“After 12 months of fighting blood cancer I'm looking older but I'm thrilled ! I'm here and I'm smiling -bring on all the lines that brings!” - Emma Wallace

“When you laugh and you scrunch your face and you get those little wrinkles on your nose. The creases around your eyes that show your warmth and expression. Why would you want to erase that? - Chris Leigh

“Ageing gracefully and happily means appreciating how you got there and looking forward to tomorrow!” - Jodie Kas

“Aging gracefully means that every year I’m getting more and more confident in my power and in my abilities. I learned to love my body, my skin, my hair, my wrinkles, my cellulite, my good stuff and not so good stuff. I learned that and when I feel good in my body, I can conquer the world.” - Sibel Grigore

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