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7 Skin Problems That Aloe Vera Will Help You With

Have you got any of these frustrating or embarrassing skin problems?

  • sunburn
  • itches
  • windburn
  • dry skin
  • minor burns
  • cuts, scratches & abrasions
  • chaffing & rashes

Can you believe that one plant can help with every one of those frustrating skin issues? In fact you could have it growing in the backyard.

The healing powers of the Aloe Vera plant are well known but sometimes forgotten. It seems that the next ‘miracle’ plant always lures our attention away from this old favourite.

Aloe Vera has the proven track record for being brilliant multi-purpose skin superhero but since it grows in your backyard it gets overlooked. I am guilty of this and luckily some of you reminded me!

Due to your requests the Aloe Vera Gel is back!

Fresh is always best but not everyone has a plant growing at home. Not to mention the time to deal with the sticky mess that is always created when trying to extract the gel.

So we have made it super easy for you. Using only certified organic Aloe Vera, it is gentle enough to help with most minor skin issues. We leave the alcohol for cocktails