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7 simple good health hacks for more energy

  • 3 min read

7 simple good health hacks for more energy

Are you living the dream with a grandiose lifestyle of perpetual fun and excitement (with a good dose of relaxation time thrown in too)?

Hmmmm…. We’re not either. Life is hectic.

When was the last time your “To Do” list was empty?

Today we wanted to check in with you because the day-in-day-out grind has a habit of being a total energy sucker. And we want you to have some energy in reserve for doing what you love when the time is right.

Look, we get it. Some days you actually do just want to curl up on the couch and binge on some Netflix. But the energy suckers only prevail when Woohoo warriors sit on the couch (for too long).

So here are 7 simple hacks to ensure you have the energy at the end of the day to pursue what you love. It’s no surprise that they resemble good eating and moving habits :)

1. Be consistent with your bedtime

Go to bed and get up at the same most of the time. It’s ok to have a lie-in now and again if you’re lucky enough, but being consistent with your sleep routine gives you a better sleep which = more energy.

2. Eat Less – Hara Hachi bu

But it tastes sooooo gooooood I hear you scream. We love food too but if you can stop eating when you are 80% full it stops you from overloading the system.

If you don’t know what 80% full feels like then start by eating slower. The extra time you take will give your body time to tell you when your tummy is getting full. Eating slower has been proven to help to not over eat.

3. Easy access to good snacks

We all go for the easiest option first. So make sure grabbing an apple is easier than getting a chocolate bar. The best way is to have fruit and veg options out and visible and all the treats hidden behind closed doors.

4. Meditate

Who doesn’t meditate these days? OK you got us. We aren’t very good at keeping up with this trend either, because it does take some self-discipline.

If you’re still not into it, just try some basic deep breathing, counting breaths as you go, for a few minutes. Your brain will thank you the rest and will be sharper next time you are getting your Woohoo on :)

5. Get some Vitamin D

We all know the dangers of skin cancer but we also need some good old Vitamin D too keep those energy levels up. The best place to get it is outdoors in the sun.

To have a healthy relationship with the sun, all you need is a few minutes. With some regular vitamin D you are keeping your body and mind in good health.

6. Move every hour

If you sit for long parts of the day, get up and move that body every hour. For every hour you sit, get up and move for 5 minutes. Your body will feel better, your mind will feel better and you will live longer.

7. Apply Hara Hachi Bu to your energy levels

For some reason maxing out and giving 110% of yourself, 110% of the time has become ingrained into us about how we need to live these crazy non-stop lives of ours. We do it at work, at home, and even when we’re working out at the gym.

But all this does is makes you hit the wall of exhaustion. You get to the end of the day (or maybe even just to the afternoon) and there is nothing left. And you lose that sparkle in your eyes.

So instead of pushing to your maximum all the time, just do it for 80% of the time. This isn’t slacking off or being lazy. You might even find you’re more productive and focused because you’re not exhausting yourself.

And the best bit is that you will have the extra time and energy (of mind and body) to chase what you love instead :)