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7 Mother’s Day messages you don’t want. Warning #3 and #6 are a little rude!

Happy Mother’s Day! Today Phoebe is getting spoiled with a picnic in the park so this edition of our newsletter is going to be short, sweet, and hopefully little funny.

The ever-thoughtful husbands, sons, Dads and daughters are doing their best to make it a special day but sometimes they fall short of the mark.

Sometimes the brands of the world don’t make it easy as you will see in #1 and #3.

So as you sit back in bed with a quiet cuppa and maybe some blueberry ricotta pancakes, hopefully these will give you a little giggle.

1. I dare anyone to buy these for Mother’s Day and see what happens!

1. cleaning products

2. Dad may have been quietly leading the witness.

2. dads the best

3. Dick Smith needs a new proof reader.

3. dick smith

4. Wonderful and caring beats meatloaf.

4. meatloaf card

5. Oh Gareth you have got some making up to do!

5. spa day

6. How one little “s” changes everything.

6. tickle pink

7. Wow, this is what happens when things are left to the last minute.

7. what were they thinking

We hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day filled with love and laughter. You deserve to feel extra special today because – let’s face it – Mums really do make the world go round.

Hopefully the gifts and cards you receive don’t make our list of Mother’s Day fails for next year

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