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4 different ways to use a Mud Mask for dazzling skin

With so many of you having tried and now loving our Pig In Mud Mineral Masks it only seems fitting to share some insider tips that help target areas of concern.

You probably already know that we love to mix our mask with yoghurt (helps to fight blemishes with lots of zinc and its lactic acid gives it anti-ageing properties) and honey (amazing for sensitive skin because it soothes and moisturises).

Here are 4 more easy tweaks you can do at home to get the most out of your Pig In Mud.

Dreaded Cellulite

This is the number one complaint women have about their body. One of the best ways to lessen the bumps is to get the blood flowing. Increasing circulation to the affected area is one of the best non-surgical ways to combat the bumps. Exercise is great but let mud do some work while you relax. Mud like the type made by the ‘Pig In Mud’ Mineral masks stimulates circulation and also depending on the type of clay used it can tighten and tone. All of this will reduce the appearance of cellulite but unfortunately it won’t get rid of it. We don’t do a specific body mask for this but if it is something you would be interested in please let us know by commenting below.

Lemon can help brighten skin

Extra Exfoliation and Skin Tone Brightener

To fade sun spots and add some more brightening power to your mask you can add some lemon juice. The acidity of lemon juice acts like a mild skin peel which will lighten and brighten. The amount of lemon juice to use depends on how sensitive your skin is. Starting with less rather than more is always a good idea. When using lemon juice for the first time mix it 50/50 with water or less if you have sensitive skin. Apple cider vinegar is also a very good for some extra exfoliation and toning.

aloe vera helps heal your skin

Extra Healing Powers

Traditionally in many cultures clay was used in poultices to heal wounds and other skin conditions. Today modern medicine has taken over wound treatment but we can still utilise the healing powers of clay for minor issues by making a mask of clay and Aloe Vera juice. An even better option is making a mask with the Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic which not only has Aloe Vera juice but MSM, papaya and black willow bark. All are renowned for their traditional healing properties.

Clay masks help you get instant camera-ready skin

Flawless Complexion

Probably a slight exaggeration because a true flawless complexion requires airbrushing but the secret of Hollywood actors to be instantly camera ready is mud. Since mud masks can immediately minimises pores, reduce fine lines, deal with sun damage and give a long lasting glow. Mud masks can prep the skin so makeup applies more evenly. However a word of caution – masks can bring blemishes to surface quicker so it is not the best thing to do the day before a big event.

Now there’s a Pig In Mud Mask for everyone

Three new versions of the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask are now available because after receiving so much great feedback it was crystal clear that there needed to be more options so you could get the perfect one for your skin type.

Dry and Ultrasensitive – containing the gentlest clays (Ivory and Pink) in combination with chamomile and cucumber which soothe and soften your skin.

Mature and Sensitive – with added pink clay for toning and pomegranate for its ability to revitalise tired and UV aged skin.

Acne and Spot Rescue – with added olive green clay, white willow Bark, licorice root and gotu kola to deal with damage caused by current and past breakouts.

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