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10 things you didn’t know about your sweat

  • 3 min read

10 things you didn’t know about your sweat

Sweat cops a lot of flack. But do you really know the ins and outs of your body?

Sweat is essential in the running of your body to ensure you don’t overheat, keeps your skin moisturised and fights off infections by keeping your immune system strong.

It’s a clever bodily function that we think deserves a whole lot more lovin’.

So without further ado, here are 10 nifty things you may not know about your sweat.

1. Hair = odour

If you didn’t know hairy armpits make you smell more, well now you do. Your hair traps the particles of smell and odour, and can increase your sweat.

Shaving your armpits regularly could reduce how much you smell. However, if you’re a lad (or woman!) who doesn’t want to shave your pits, banish bad odours with a little help from our hard-working natural deodorant paste which reduces bad aromas and makes the sweating process healthy and happy – hair or no hair.

2. Fresh sweat is soooo sexy

Studies show that, the male pheromone androstanol (different from androstenone) - which is fresh male sweat - is more attractive to females.

On the other hand, androstenone is a pheromone that women can find highly unpleasant, which is produced by male sweat after exposure to oxygen (stale sweat).

Could explain why some women find a post-gym lad particularly ravishing.

3. Stress is smelly

Stress sweat reeks! Anxiety activates the hormone cortisol in your body, which makes your sweat glands kick into overdrive. Apocrine glands, specifically, which are located in your pits, groin and areas with hair follicles, are responsible for the smell. This is where your anxiety and stress sweat comes from.

When you’re stressing out the proteins and fats start reacting with the bacteria on your skin, leaving you a smelly hot mess. The solution? #1 has all the answers ;)

4. Vegetarians smell better

Yup it’s true, apparently, meat eaters smell worse than their vegetarian counterparts. Studies suggest that red meat consumption has a negative impact on body odour whereas the same studies also found non-meat eaters had a more attractive scent. More of an excuse to go plant-based, perhaps?

5. Mainstream isn’t the solution

Most of us know that antiperspirants aren't really the best for your health. We’ve said it once (OK, a LOT) before and we’ll say it again – mainstream antiperspirants usually contain aluminium and other potentially toxic chemicals that block the sweat ducts in your armpits to stop your body’s natural (healthy) sweating process.

It gets worse. Did you know that antiperspirants are only about 20% to 50% effective at stopping sweat anyway? (Source: choice.com.au). Kind of makes you wonder.

The alternative? A good natural deodorant paste like Woohoo is healthy and works consistently, allowing your body to sweat, keeps body odour away, and is (most importantly) toxin free.

Unlike an antiperspirant, a natural deodorant won’t change the way your body works.

Just remember - for some people natural deodorant takes some time for your body to get used to. But once your body odour has adjusted, you’ll notice the difference. Promise.

6. Botox and Sweat?

If your palms drip and can be rung out with a simple hand shake, Botox might be able to help. Botox for moist hands are used to block nerve signals that stimulate sweating, and can be an effective solution to an embarrassing and annoying problem.

7. How many?

Your body has two to five million sweat glands, that can be found on the surface of your body and skin. Wowsers.

8. Rehydrate, rehydrate and rehydrate.

Your body produces up to two litres of sweat during an hourly exercise at the gym. Make sure you rehydrate your body with at least 500ml of water for every 500g you lose while you’re smashing out a spin class at the gym.

9. Iced ban(d)ana anyone?

If you’re a frequent runner, or hit the gym and find yourself a pool of sweat by the end of it, here’s a trick you need to try. Ultra-marathoner Pete Kostelnick swears by an ice-filled bandana around his neck pre- and post- training. Apparently by having a neck cooling collar you can trick your body and brain into feeling cooler, meaning you produce less sweat.

10. Skip the curry

Next time you’re on a date don’t pick the curry unless you want to enter Serious Sweatsville!

You sweat more when you consume spicy foods and the sweat interacts with the bacteria on your skin’s surface and produces more body odour. Cutting back or down on these can help you to control your “aroma” – and make for a better date!

So there you have it!!! A few fun facts to share with friends and family about the smelly – but super important underdog – sweat!