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10 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Your Skin

We are self-professed skin nerds – our skin is incredibly interesting and we learn something new about it every day. Some things are very quirky so this week we have put together 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Skin.

Don’t worry we haven’t included any of the ones that sound a little gross because we don’t need to spoil your Sunday breakfast.

  1. Skin accounts for about 15% of your total body weight. Unfortunately you can’t unzip and take it off just before jumping on the scales
  2. The skin has 3 layers
    1. epidermis – outer protective layer and this is where skincare products help the most
    2. dermis – oil and glands
    3. subcutaneous tissue – fat and blood vessels
  3. Your eyelids have the thinnest skin – about 0.02mm (stay tuned in the coming weeks for our eye cream exposé).
  4. Your feet have the thickest skin – about 1.4mm. That is why you need to exfoliate them more and use more intense creams and butters like the Sweet Dreams Foot Softening Treatment (P.S. Today – Sunday 23rd March 2014 – is the last day to get a free Sweet Dreams Foot Softening Treatment with orders over $30).
  5. Scar tissue doesn’t have hair or sweat glands.
  6. Every 28 days your skin cells turn over effectively renewing itself. This is why you need to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells.
  7. Your skin’s colour is caused by how well a protein called melanin is produced and distributed by little cells called melanocytes. Less active melanocytes = whiter skin, more active melanocytes = darker skin.
  8. UV radiation stimulates melanocytes. You get sunburnt when your skin cannot produce enough melanin to protect it.
  9. White skin only appeared 20000 to 50000 years ago. As darker skinned people move to colder climate their melanin producing cells (melanocytes) become less active.
  10. Sebum is your skin’s natural oil that keeps it moist and healthy. Detergents and alcohol can damage the sebum layer. That is why we recommend gentle soap-free cleansers like the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm.

Other Exciting News

We have PayPal again.

paypal verifiedSome of our very first customers would remember that once upon a time (in a land far, far away…) we offered PayPal as a payment option. Due to some undesirable organisations using a business structure like ours (which is a perfectly legitimate business structure) PayPal informed us that we could no longer offer their services.

The good news is that things have changed. PayPal gave us a call and explained that we could get an exemption from the rule as we are a legitimate business and not a front for organised crime (phew! that’s a relief). Now we can go back to the good ol’ days where you get to choose the payment method that suits you best

Aaron has been demoted from Number 1 Box Packer.

express_post_deliveriesYou will notice that the delivery of your parcels will look a little different. Aaron has stepped down from being the head box packer and we have found a great business who will be taking on those duties in the coming days. We have made sure that our new partners will be packing your parcels with as much love and care as we always have.

You might ask “why the change?” Our lives are going to be turned upside down again very soon with the arrival of “Baby Breckell #2” (Phoebe is 28 weeks pregnant already!) and with the growth of our humble little business heading in the right direction we needed to make a bit more time in the day to focus on creating wonderful new products for you.

As always please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about this (or anything else).

Image source: freedigitalphotos.net, Artist: imagerymajestic