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How to use your 'You Crack Me Up!' Lip Balm

How to use your 'You Crack Me Up!' Lip Balm

Please note that your lip balm's cardboard tube does need a little extra care compared to a plastic tube, but the planet will thank you for it!

Push up from the base of your lip balm to expose 1-2mm of lip balm, which is all you really need to last you a few applications before you need to push again. This small amount makes it much easier to pop the lid back on without wastage and keep your cardboard tube nice and tidy.

Apply liberally to your lips, as often as needed, particularly in dry, cold, or windy conditions or when laughing excessively!.

Please store below 30°c and keep out of direct sunlight.

Want to see more tricks for pushing up your cardboard lip balm tube?

Click here watch a video with our top tips for pushing up our Woohoo deodorant sticks (as our lip balms use the same tubes, just smaller!).

Your first push might be a bit tricky and require some extra muscle. If you accidentally push your balm up too far, watch our video to see how to get your lip balm back down.


'You Crack Me Up!' Lip Balm

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